Art Resin

This past weekend, we took a couple's trip to Charleston.  It was incredibly fun; and in addition to some amazing meals, spa treatments, and conversations with some dear friends from Chicago, I managed to do a little shopping.  I popped into an art gallery right on King Street called Atelier Gallery.  They were so friendly.

I did a quick walk through and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this . . . 
It's by Yury Darashkevich and it's entitled "Flamenco Dancer."  What you can't really appreciate from this online image is the piece is an oil painting with a super high gloss epoxy coating over top (called art resin).  Think high gloss lacquer.  The effect is a totally modern vibe to an otherwise traditional painting.  It was simply divine.   Unfortunately, for me, this piece is $15,000.00.  So, it's not in the budget.

But, it made me realize I must have one of these!!!  So, I did a little research and discovered you can apply the art resin to almost any painting to give it a high end finish.  I'm thinking this may give an ordinary (I dare say, mass produced) painting some much needed high end appeal. 

Here's just one (of many) you tube videos showing you step by step how to apply art resin to a painting -  Art Resin Project.   I have to say, it looks rather easy - Hmmmm - thinking this sounds like a project in the making - now all I need is a piece of artwork to try my hand at applying the resin!  I would love to hear if any of you have done this before!  M.


  1. That is so cool! I'd probably take the lazy route and spray it with clear gloss and wreck it )

  2. Let us know if it works....sounds interesting!


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