The Mirror Rule

Sometimes a rule gets jumbled.  I had a client say to me, "I know your rule on not putting a mirror over the fireplace because so and so said you wouldn't let her put a mirror over her fireplace."  The truth is - I don't have any set rules on these kinds of things!  But, I do have specific reasons for why I place things (or recommend to my clients to place things) in certain places.

For the record, here's my thoughts on mirrors.  First, I adore them.  They are truly necessary for your space to feel interesting and varied (you shouldn't have a room full of oil paintings - too much of one note).  But you MUST think about what the mirror is reflecting when you put it in your space - it's just that simple.  Often, if you place a mirror over your mantel, it will reflect a bare white (or even worse, popcorn) ceiling.  Or, heaven forbid, a ceiling fan! (here's the inside joke on the Ceiling Fans).  So, this is the main reason, that over the fireplace is usually the last place I will consider for mirror placement.

Caveat: If I'm in a pinch and need something large over a fireplace, and the client does not have the right size painting, I will place a mirror over the fireplace.  But, I always try to layer something over the mirror to distract from the reflection (if it's of the ceiling).  Here is an example of just that (in a very stunning room I might add).
With that said, here is the perfect example of how to use a mirror to get that Wow factor.  Look at all the yumminess this mirror is reflecting.
When the mirror itself becomes art - you've placed it in the right place! M. 


  1. Love the way the entire room has been deigned and structured, it looks real inspiring and fabulous. house interior designer NYC

  2. Your right...I always like to put are above a fireplace...

  3. Mirrors should reflect goodness, beauty, and space. If you position your mirrors in a place where it reflects the absolute opposite of the words mentioned above, then it’s time to do some changes. The way you place mirrors can change the feel and appearance of your room. It can either stimulate depth or make the space longer and wider, depending on the space and placement. Your pictures are very interesting points for interest, by the way. Carlo Wieder


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.