Turkish Bath Towels

These have been popular outside the U.S. for some time now; but I'm beginning to see more and more of them popping up here.  Are you familiar with these?  They are a very large, thin super absorbent bath sheet made of linen.  

They can be used like a beach towel (or even a blanket) or in the bathroom as a large body towel.  

I'm such a sucker for textiles so these are right up my alley.  After a short search, I've discovered the prices for these cover a huge range.  So, buyer beware!  Here are just a few that are priced right! 
Since Spring is upon us, I'm beginning to think about warmer weather and the beach (thank heavens swimsuit weather is still a few months out for me).  In the meantime,  I can always stock up on some key items for the beach bag!  So where do you line up on these?  Do you love or hate them? M.


  1. I think they're gorgeous but always wondered about how absorbent they are. Do you own any? They'd be much prettier hanging in my bathroom than what's there now.

  2. I'm with Dana. I really like the look of them but haven't bought any because I wasn't sure as to the efficiency/absorbency of them. They have an organic and coastal look to me which I think is a nice mix. I would add in some hand towels to a powder room. Do you think the quality goes with the price point?

  3. I bought some a few years ago and at first wasn't crazy about them because they are so much thinner. I love they way they look though and I used them at the pool and loved them there too. I recently started using as bath towels again and I do like them better. I'll be taking them to London with me because they take up significantly less space in the washing machine and do dry faster. I think I'll buy a few more too.

  4. Have you seen them at Ikea? I have a pair - washed and ready. I think they will dry faster than my plush towels - I bet Hubby chooses to keep using the plush... we'll see. :-)


  5. Beautiful but too expensive. Ann


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