Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I found this fabric recently for a client to consider in reupholstering a pair of stunning chairs in her living room.  These beauties are worth reupholstering as the lines of them are unusual and really special.  Although these chairs are in a formal living room, she really wanted the room to feel more casual.  The solution - a Tussah silk.  

Tussah silk (also known as Shantung) is made from wild silk worms.  Unlike silk cultivated from worms in a controlled environment, wild worms eat a natural diet of oak and juniper leafs.  This diet gives the silk fibers variation in thickness and color. 

Also, in the wild, the moth actually hatches from the cocoon; thus interrupting or breaking the continual silk thread of the cocoon.  So, you get shorter threads which must be overlapped in the weaving process for even more texture.  The result is a fabulous, nubby fabric with all the sheen you would expect from silk.  It always amazes me that something so beautiful comes from the discarded cocoon of a worm! 

 Just look how lovely. 

The sheen lends to the formality while the rustic woven look feels casual.  Just wonderful. 

This gorgeous chair is upholstered in tussah silk. 

Here's a close up of the fabric . . . 
Just look at all the nubby goodness.  So, if you are looking for a formal fabric that will also dress down a space, consider wild silk.

Sometimes the most beautiful things can come from very unlikely sources.  Think about that as you go through your day! M.


  1. The texture and look reminds me of grasscloth wallpaper. Love it!

  2. That chair is really lovely and looks elegant. And I think it has also a good texture and comfortable and perfect to put in your living room or bedroom. If you are also looking for a modern TV stand to set up your television set, I recommend http://www.tvstands2go.co.uk.

  3. Love this chair...it reminds me of a prop that Disney would use in a movie about sleeping beauty....


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