Thoughts on Resin

When I was researching the post I recently did on coating a piece of artwork in resin, I ran across these resin tables.  Now, I can't get them out of mind!  I have an acrylic table in our living room, but the resin is taking things to a whole new place for me! 

And then this one . . .  I just love the contrast of the rustic wood sealed in the modern resin. 

So, of course, I headed down that rabbit hole and guess what I found?  Endless uses for resin.  It's truly a chameleon product with uses only limited by your imagination.  Here are just a few favorites I found floating around the web. 

A marbled effect in this resin table - totally fabulous. 

If you are feeling the need for a bigger shot of the gemstone trend, here's your thing.  An amethyst and resin coffee table. 

You can really take any type of interesting item, seal it in resin and create a surface durable enough t serve as a table top.  This example is cut seashells in resin.

Here, recycled magazine pages.  

Rather than the resin being on the outside of the surface, you can actually soak more porous items int he resin and then sculpt them into something interesting.  Here, the table base is made of recycled military rope soaked in resin and shaped into a work of art!  Add a piece of glass to the top and you have one fantastic coffee table.  Way cool. 

In addition to tables, you can created one of kind artwork by embedding objects in resin.  If you've worked with me on any design projects, you know how important it is to think outside the box on artwork.  It's one of the best places to save money while creating a very high end look.  

Here are a few pieces to inspire you.

Here's a closer look.

Here is resin on paper pieces. . . 

Last, but certainly not least, look at the chest with resin drawer fronts.  The entire piece is like a work of art. 

 Want to try your hand at resin? There are lots of tutorials - casting objects in resin.  Happy Monday - get out there today and get something done! M. 


  1. I could jump on the resin bandwagon real quick. I love your embedding artwork idea. Filing it away...


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