Leather Done Right

There are few materials I don't like to use when designing a space.  However, I do think the style and scale of a piece can make or break the use of a material.  Leather definitely falls into this category for me.  When it's used correctly, it can totally wow a space.  When it isn't, it can kill a space.  Here are some fabulous example of how it can wow . . . 

Using leather on a very traditional french settee - a total wow.  The contrast is wonderful and gives such an unexpected flare. 

Martha O'Hara does it again with this amazing room - the ottoman is in gray leather.  

Leather can instantly add warm to a space . . .  I love it here as a bedside table, paired with crisp white bed linens.  

I adore this layered look with the ottomans under the console table!

You can even pair leather and fabric on a single piece of furniture like the winged back chair in this image.  Great look.

Love this winged back chair in a light creamy tone.  The durability you get with leather is second to none.  Short of a ball point pin or a pair of scissors, it's indestructible while looking very sophisticated.  So, go ahead and choose cream - you will not hear me say that very often!

Normally, I would never recommend this much leather in a space (noticed both sofas in white and the winged back chair all in leather).  But, believe it or not,  it's the wall to wall carpet that makes it work.  When you pull in leather, you have to balance it out with some fabric.  Otherwise, it will begin to feel cold and sterile.    

Even a small bit of leather, like these low ottomans in Giuliana and Bill Rancic's family room,  help a space feel varied and interesting.   Love the look of this entire room.

So, are you a fan of leather?  M.


  1. I am definitely a fan of leather! I have a white leather (man-made leather) sofa. It has been more than two years since we had it and it looks just like new. Great inspirations!

    Have a good day!


  2. The only place I have anything leather is in the man-cave. But it's covered in light-colored pillows so I don't totally gag when I walk in the room. However, you have featured some very fetching examples of what leather can do for a room and I have to say, I don't hate it! Thanks for opening my eyes!

  3. I normally stay way from big ole leather sofas - and recliners. I think in moderation it's fine. Fun post, Mandi!

  4. I love that first settee in leather and the ottomans. I've been thinking about different pieces like this and would definitely do leather ottomans.


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