Antique Lesson - The Confidante

This chair goes by many names - confidante, conversation chair and tete'-a-tete' - it's purpose?  To allow people to have a private one on one conversation in a public area.  Think about that for a minute - someone designed a piece of furniture for the pure sake of a private chat (aka gossip, or sweet nothings)!  I really can't think of a piece of furniture with a more specific use!

While these are not suited for every home, they are very interesting . . . 

If you have a grand foyer, it could be a unique option. 

Also, if you recall, Windsor Smith brought back the interest in this unique piece with House Beautiful photographed her home for an feature article.  

The more modern take on this piece is in the form of a chaise like this . . . 

Also, this version (a two seater, if you will) could be used in lots of rooms for a statement piece.  Imagine floating it in the center of a room with two seating areas.

I loved this one!  What a fun place to hang out and chat (cocktails are assumed here).
Celery Kemble (of course)

Of course, you don't have to have a special piece of furniture for a tete' a tete' . . . 

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