We interrupt this Program . . .

OK, yes, I'm still on break.  But I just had to interrupt this program to give you a bit of news.  

It seems that as of July 1st those of you who follow me through Google Reader will no longer be receive my updates! 

Now, if you get my post updates through an email, you are totally fine will continue to get my posts.  But if you read all your blogs on Google Reader, you will no longer get them.  I did attempt to import my Google Reader subscriptions into Bloglovin' but I seriously have no clue if that worked at all!  
So, for all Google Reader subscribers, if you still want to receive my posts, you have two options!  You can click on this link - Follow my blog with Bloglovin and sign up to receive them through Bloglovin' or you can simply click on the word Subscribe (which is just below my logo at the top of this page) and receive my posts as an email!  

Now, I can't just leave you with this as a blog post! right?!  Since one of my all time favorite holidays is upon us, here are some inspiring images to help you get excited wherever you're celebrating this year! 

Just look at this drop dead gorgeous bedroom!

As well as this one . . . 

You can even make your own bunting from a grocery bag or two! Creative Home gives yo a step by step tutorial. 

Check out this sophisticated version of red, white and blue. 

Loving the sound of this refresher - the Firecracker Cocktail!

Talk about a yummy lunch!

And please be still my heart - Coconut, Raspberry, Blueberry ice cream! (it is no accident this picture is tons bigger than the rest!)

I hope you enjoy your 4th.  M.


  1. Following you on Bloglovin' Mandi. Get back to your break!

  2. interesting to read thank you I really liked your article I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts.good job

  3. Oh, beautiful sparkling fireworks, but be careful with handling that, anyway, I love those mouthwatering ice cream scopes.


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