Find of the Day - Paper Placemats

I have this friend who always finds the most interesting gift ideas.  She is a master at it.  This year, my birthday present was no exception.  She knows how much I love entertaining outside, so she gave me these!  They are from this wonderful shop in Mountain Brook village called Marguerite's Conceits.  Marguerite seems to find the most fabulous items.  She also carries completely divine linens of all kinds.  So, if you have time, her shop is definitely worth a look see.

If you don't live anywhere near Birmingham and can't make it to Margarite's Conceits (I'm very sad for you, her shop is something special), but you can still access these cute placemats by clicking here.
They come in lots of patterns and colors.

I also love this one with a beach theme - very fun.  What I love about these is the convenience of creating a fun table setting instantly.  

Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

PS: Many of you have asked about my Mom, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  (I posted about her here).  She had surgery on Monday of last week and is slowing recovering.  Your thoughts, prayers, calls, emails and texts have been very uplifting.  The good news is her caner has not spread to the lymph nodes, so her treatment following recovery from the surgery will be much much easier.  But, her surgery was long and involved complications, so I would much appreciate your continued prayers for strength for her.


  1. The mats are perfect for summer entertaining! I love the beach theme!
    I will keep your Mother in my thoughts and prayers. My Mother also is fighting valiantly with breast cancer.

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  2. Glad to hear the update on your mom. I'll continue to pray.
    P.S. Cancer sucks!

  3. Such pretty mats & great idea. My thoughts & prayers going out to you & your mother. Wishing all the best. xo

  4. Such a cute mats & beautiful ideas out there!. I'll definitely continue to pray. And my prayers will always be with you guys. Thanks!
    Kenneth bordewick


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