Lacquered Goodness

While chalk paint is still all the rage, sometimes a space is begging for a more modern pop.  Enter the high gloss look of lacquered furniture.  Well, until last week, I thought the only way to get this fabulous look was to stalk Overstock and Target for the rare occasions they have it.  Or put up the big bucks and get something from J. Adler (now at JC Penney) or Bungalow 5.

But, Lisa Mende of Mende Design, recently enlightened me.  You can now get this same hardshell lacquered finish with spray paint!!!  That's right - Amy Howard has just created a line of lacquer you can get in a spray can!  If you know anything about lacquer, this is not an easy DIY look to pull off.  But with this spray, Just look what you could do with that table sitting in your garage. Fun, right?!

Now, I can just hear those of you now who have a more traditional sense of style.  Don't be afraid.  You can incorporate hints of lacquer into your room too for a fabulous fresh look.  For example . . .
Notice how the lacquer piece is in white - I think if you keep the color neutral, the finish will do the work for you!

Honestly, I can hardly believe you can get this look in a can.  Needless to say, I'm dying to try it on something.  If any of you dare to try it, please please send me pictures!  And to entice you, here are a few other inspiration images to consider.

I love this idea - lacquered stump stools. These would be easy and fun for a porch area for summer.

  Now, go get your lacquer on.  And send me pictures!!  M.


  1. That is brilliant!! Spray paint lacquer, my mind is racing as to what DYI project I can take on!

  2. I checked out her website but it doesn't show the colors available.

    1. They are available on

  3. If you want that high end look vs the DIY look, most professional furniture refinishers can lacquer pieces at a pretty reasonable cost. You pick your favorite BM or F&B or whatever paint color, they add a lacquer additive to the paint, at your choice of gloss level. Then spray it on in numerous thin coats. I had my guy do my dining room chairs in a moderately glossy level. They look great.

  4. Amazing idea! I have to try this on my worn out side table. :)

  5. Love your inspiration photos, especially the logs!

    I've had this on my to do list for a few YEARS to do a pile of logs for a summer look in my fireplace. Hope I can remember to do it soon. (menopause brain) :-)


  6. This may be the greatest thing ever invented! I'm going to lacquering everything I own!!!!

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