Exciting News and a Winner!

OK, first, we have a winner of the Shabby Apple dress giveaway!  It's comment number 4 from  Malfaldo.  I hope you enjoy the dress, and please send us pictures of how you decided to style it for early Fall.

Now, for the exciting news!!!  Back in the Spring, I had one of my projects photographed for a possible feature article in The Cottage Journal!  As many of you know, a photo shoot does not always mean your project will end up in the magazine.  So, while it's very exciting to be a part of a shoot, there's always a bit of cautious anticipation (aka breath holding).  Well, I just got news my project made it into their Fall issue, and I'm beyond thrilled about it!  If you are not yet familiar with The Cottage Journal, you are in for a real treat!  This magazine is a bi-monthly publication which allows the staff to devote more time and energy to each issue.  Let me just say - it definitely shows.  The images are true eye candy.  I just finished pouring over the Fall issue, and honestly, it will have you craving a cup of hot chocolate, even in August!

The Cottage Journal is just one of eight amazing magazines under the Hoffman Media publishing umbrella which was founded by Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Hoffman DePiano.  While they are based in Birmingham, each issues includes features from all over.  The Fall issue alone features stunning homes from New Orleans to Carmel, plus some fun tips on antiquing in Brimfield, Massachusetts just to name a few.  So, I can't tell you how honored I am to have one of my projects featured in the issue!

While I can't show you the images included in the issue (you'll have to get the magazine to see these), here are a few photos I took during the shoot.  These ladies were a ton of fun to be with for the day.  Here's the very talented Marcy Simpson getting just the perfect angle of the family room looking into the kitchen.  Believe me when I tell you there is a huge difference in pictures taken by a professional!  Truly amazing what this girl can do with a camera in her hands.

The kitchen and breakfast room are the main focus of the article, so I'm showing you some images from the adjoining family room.  You'll have to pick up the issue to see the images they captured for the article!  Here's a picture of Marcy checking her shot, and Editor Linda Wright giving her wonderful feedback to the take. 

Here's a shot of a reading nook tucked into one of the corners of the family room. 

And close up of the linen accent pillow in the leather winged back chair.

My client, Rosa Hooper, has the most stunning back yard.  So, I had to snap this picture of these beautiful windows that look out on her garden. 

Here's a close up of a french styled bench which we reupholstered in a striped fabric to give the entire piece a more casual, rustic feel.  We also created a pattern with the stripe for one more point of interest.  

I'll share more of the details on this project once the fall issue of The Cottage Journal is on newsstands.  In the meantime, if you want to subscribe to this amazing publication, click here for the details.  Enjoy your day! M.


  1. Mandi, how exciting! I'm thrilled for you. Well deserved, friend.

  2. yay! This is so exciting! I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see it. Your home is beautiful! And those gorgeous trees- what a pretty view! :)


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