Project in Progress -

At the beginning of the summer, I shared a renovation project I'm working on for a very cute couple in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.  Here are the previous posts to get you up to speed - Part I and  Part II.  So, fast forward a few weeks, and there has been lots of progress.  The walls between the old dining room, family room, kitchen and porch have come down to reveal one fabulous open concept living space.  Here's the design board of the before with the original walls in blue.

Just look how great this space is beginning to look!  In the below picture I am standing in the "old" screened porch area (now part of the family room) looking into the kitchen.

Here is the before view of the back of the house.

And here's our progress . . .  the original screened porch is now part of the family room and the new screened porch has been added across the back of the house. 

Now for a few of the details (this is my favorite part).  Here's a view of the fireplace wall with a set of french doors which go out onto the new screened porch.  These doors will be stained a dark tone to balance the fireplace which, if you recall, we were unable to move in the new design.  I love how it turned out.

Since the homeowners had to move out for this renovation, we took the opportunity to refinish the hardwood floors throughout the house.  They were originally a honey tone, but now they are much darker.  I always love the darker toned floors; but I do think you can go so dark that the floors show every single speck of dirt.  So, you do have to be careful.  Love how these turned out (the walls in the hallway will also be receiving a fresh coat of paint).  Sorry this image is so blurry!

Hard to see in this image, but we chose a herringbone pattern for the backsplash.  It's one of my all time favorites! We also decided to paint the island a contrasting color from the other cabinetry.  It looks almost black in this picture but it is Ben Moore Iron Mountain which is a dark grey that actually has some blue in it.

The new farmhouse sink.

Another view and you can also see the ogee edge of the Quartz countertops.  The Quartz is one of the most durable materials for countertops on the market.  You get the look AND feel of marble without any of the negatives.  Just love it.

Can you tell I love the countertops!
 Another detail that has made a huge impact on this renovation - We enlarged the doorways off the foyer (one leads into the new family room and the other into the dining room.  For the dining room, we added a pair of french doors.  Hardware is still to come (it is fabulous and I can't wait to show you). 

We also added a new front door.  The old door had side lights and was much more ornate.  So, we filled in the side lights with trim work to be painted the house color.  Then added this simple, six paned door which will be stained the same as the back french doors.  Again, these small additions are going to make the entire house feel fresh and new - not just the addition. 

That's it for now!  Hope you summer is going well.  Ours has been a whirlwind!  M.


  1. Wow looks like a big and exciting project. Look forward to hearing and seeing more!

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