Summer in Review (and other random musings)

I can't believe that summer is coming to an end.  We received school registration information last week for the junior high.  Needless to say, it has been a very different summer for me.  With my Mom's surgery and lots of challenges with her recovery, it has not been the summer I envisioned it would be last Spring.  But, we have had many moments of sheer summer bliss, along with lots of blessings from her experience.  I'm totally grateful for these as they've helped me to see that God is good, even in the mist of our suffering.    

So, before I get back into all things interior design, I wanted to share a few highlights of our summer.  I hope yours has been just as interesting and full of fun.

Ok, first up, I've been obsessed with this artist's ability to paint water.  These paintings evoke memories of my childhood and jumping into a pool or lake.  Just love them!  Since I'm not a painter, I marvel at this kind of talent.

Look at this one and the reflection of light on the waves the swimmer has created.

Totally digging these botanical blocks of resin.  They are the perfect accessory to place on a stack of books on a chest or coffee table.  

I always love to see an oddity included on a coffee table and this is a great example.  Any of these would be perfect for the Fall.

I've been rocking out in the car to this song all summer - Get Lucky.  You know how certain songs make you think of certain times of the year.  Well this one will forever remind me of summer! It's totally a throwback disco song and I'm so hoping it will start a trend for more disco songs!  My son found this youtube video where they have dubbed this current song onto the dance moves of some kids on Soul Train.  Just look, it totally fits!  Thinking that's why I love this song - I watched a lot of Soul Train and American Bandstand when I was a kid.  The bow ties are cracking me up on this!

While at the lake with some sweet friends this summer, we toured the only Frank Lloyd Wright House in the state of Alabama - the Rosenbaum House.  A real treat for me to see it.  Remember, I toured his studio on a trip to Chicago last Fall so it was interesting to see a slighting different design in this Usonian (named for the United States of America) style home.  Btw, the man who gave us the tour was so knowledgeable, and you could tell he loved his job! 

We had dinner at the 360 Grille which is a rotating restaurant atop a beautiful hotel overlooking the Tennessee river.  My kids had never seen anything like this and were completely mesmerized trying to figure out the mechanics of the whole thing!  I just enjoyed the food, wine and view!  It was really special. 
Photos of 360 Grille, Florence
This photo of 360 Grille is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We've had many discussions this summer about the Green Flash.  To date this elusive phenomenon has totally escaped us, but I am determined to see it in my lifetime!

On this same trip we were treated to an outdoor production of The Miracle Worker at Helen Keller's birthplace.  

The production began just at sunset, and it was a wonderfully cool evening in early summer - perfect for sitting outside.  During the first half of the show, we looked up and saw hundreds of June bugs attracted to the spot lights.  A real summer experience (sort of like smelling cut grass).  But by the second half of the show, they had completely disappeared.  This is not the actual actress who played Helen, but I have to say the child did an amazing job.  

I just discovered Lewis and Wood fabrics - particularly "Cobweb" . . .
There's something classic yet midcentury modern about this fabric.  I think it could really blend those two styles together in a great way.  Always love a fabric you just don't see everyday. 

We were turned on to this comedian named Brian Regan.  What I love about his routine is that it's completely clean and hilarious - a very rare combination for stand up comedy.  My kids can quote almost every one of his routines.  The walk around our house quoting him and laughing.  My favorite is this one on "I walked on the Moon." (it's at the very end of this standup routine and it makes me laugh out loud!)

Our July 4th beach trip was a total wash (literally - there was major flooding on 30A).  So, we celebrated the 4th here in Birmingham.  We found a wonderful vantage point to see the fireworks and the rain stopped just in time for the show.  It turned out to be a lovely evening. 

Then we were off to the mountains with my husband's entire family to Montreat, N.C. for a week with all the cousins.  We do this trip most summers, and my kids love it!  

We ventured out to sliding rock, lookout falls and a new jump off place.  The water feels like you've jumped into an ice chest!

Then, I took the girls to the Biltmore House for a self guided tour.  We then enjoyed a "ladies lunch" in Black Mountain where we discussed our favorite rooms and then things in each room that we loved!  There was a close tie between the Breakfast room and Mrs. Vanderbilt's bedroom as our favorites.  

I think I've eaten my weight in this completely delicious avocado egg salad this summer.  It's good on a bed of mixed greens or as a sandwich.  Very Yummy.

My summer read has been this (very dense) book a friend loaned me called At Home - it's a history of everything in your home that you use everyday and probably have no idea why it's called what it's called.  Very interesting.

My kids also spent some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law.  It's always a party with them -  fishing, lounging, movies, swimming, water slides, you name it!   

They even have an underwater camera - love this shot of my daughter!

So, now it's time to get back to my favorite subject - interior design!  During my summer break, I've seen lots of inspiring things, along with some really great installations of some of my projects.  I'll be sharing it all with you here at the Muse in the next few months.  I'm going to slowly build back up on my number of weekly posts.  It's great to be back! M.


  1. Summer is still going strong for us, and I am hanging on to it!! It looks like you have had so many great summer experiences. When I finally accept the inevitability of Fall, I want to try and create some sort of a leaf presentation like those you showed, how interesting.

  2. We loved having the kids for the week. They were so much fun!


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