Trend Spotting - Lately I've Notice . . .

lots and lots of images of these vintage style cafe chairs.  They feel so light and summery to me - makes me think of a tiny little cottage at the beach.

How fun would it be to wake up to this?!

It's funny how a throw back to a basic french cafe chair makes me think of a light and airy beach house.  Always amazes me what our life experiences subtly add to our impressions.   So, yes, this chair makes me think of the beach. 

via House Beautiful

So, have you notice these around and what do these chairs make you think about? M.

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  1. I love those bistro chairs!!! I have two that I got at a consignment store.

  2. I agree with you...I have been noticing them too...I'm thinking of getting some for my kitchen table...

  3. I love all your designs even though they are different they flow together so well. I am staying to get some ideas for what I want to do with my new house. I am thinking vintage and maybe putting in a really cool Spiral Stair for a different look, so many possibilities!


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