Happy Dance - West Elm is Coming!

Just found out that Birmingham is getting a West Elm!  Can't tell you how happy this makes me.  I know, I know - many of you in other areas are thinking, "They are just now getting a West Elm?!"  The problem is that Atlanta is only two hours away, so for many large stores, that is simply too close to justify a store front.  But, wow - so happy about this!  It is going to make the "fluffs" I do so much easier!  
Here are some of my Fall favorites to look forward to . . . 

There is a series of three of these - love the look of them.

OK, so I think this is a very clever product - it's self adhesive wall tiles that once applied will give a room some instant character through texture.  I'm dying to use this in a design plan. It comes in all different colors of wood.

If you've worked with me on projects, you know how much I love a great tray - this one has tons of interest with the wrapped metal for a super price (most are way more expensive than this).  One of my favorite reasons to use a tray is that it allows you to use smaller accessories you may already have on larger surfaces.  For example, if you have a great bowl that is smaller in scale and does not work as a centerpiece for your dining room table, layer a larger tray underneath.  Visually, the tray will "eat up" some of the space and the bowl added on top works!  Great trick! 

Also, did you know that one of West Elm's sister companies is Mark and Graham? I love all their linens and just look at these super cute paper weights!  Perfect gift for the student (or for your own desk)! 

The new West Elm is located at the Summit here in Birmingham - no idea as to when it opens but I'm assuming it will be soon! M.


  1. Fun for you. I have to say I went to one about an hour away and was really disappointed, I did not see anything that I had to have.....but know things change often there so it could have been an "off" day....love when a new store comes to town!

  2. Now, if we can just get a Crate and Barrel!

  3. Your so lucky...wish we were getting one...the closes one is about an hour away!


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