Lighting - The Jewelry of A Room

While lighting serves a very practical purpose in a space, it can also add tons of subtle interest.  In addition to determining the proper lighting for a space (i.e., table/floor lamps, sconces and/or chandeliers), you really need to think about the style of lighting.  This is what creates the WOW in a room.  Just as jewelry is to a great outfit, so is lighting to a great space.

Here are some fantastic examples of true room jewelry - lighting available here. I love the trick below for over a sofa.  If you have a smallish piece of artwork that is not quite to scale to go over your sofa, add a pair of wall sconces for interest and to make the artwork "read" larger.  Works every time.

I love this clever idea - consider pendants in bedrooms rather than a table lamp.  The unexpected is what really makes a room feel special.  Love all the texture these pendants are adding to the space.  When you create a monochromatic color scheme, you have to ramp things up with texture.

Again, wall sconces over a sofa, but I just love the use of the library style lamps in this spot.  Again, the unexpected style makes this grouping sing!

I had to include this image - I love the play on styles here.  The very traditional room calls for a more traditionally styled chandelier.  But notice, the citrine velvet chairs add a pop of modern flare and to repeat this juxtaposition, the silver tones of the chandy are more modern.  Very clever, yet subtle.

This is just completely yummy.  Period.  These table lamps are artwork in and of themselves. 

Don't forget about using lighting for a punch of color.  I love this over sized floor lamp in paprika! 

Another great example of using lighting as the jewelry of a space.  Rather than basic cans lights, this designer used low profile overhead lighting in a super current brass tone for some Wow.  When your ceiling does not have tons of architectural interest, this is a clever option.

Lastly, repetition can create a Wow.  Consider pendants over a dining table, rather than the more expect chandelier.  This is just downright cool! 
via Pinterest

So, when considering lighting for a space, really think about adding something special to the room.  You will be stunned what a little jewelry can add!  Have a marvelous day.  M.

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article. 


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