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Not sure if any of you are familiar with this dynamic organization, so I thought I'd share.  Years ago when I first started staging homes here in Birmingham for the real estate market, I would go on line for inspiration. When you are staging a home for the real estate, your client is not interested in spending any money on furnishings.  So, you have to be clever.  I can remember during one of my searches, the portfolio of a Homewood architectural firm came up in my search.  
Fast forward a couple of years -  I heard John Hudson speak about his organization 100 Fold Studio.  He started his presentation with a slide show and gave some background on how he got started.  One of the first images he showed us as a project he worked on before turning to mission work.  This home is in Homewood, AL, and I had bookmarked (this was waaay before pinterest!) way back when. 
Come to find out, this talented guy decided he could use his architectural degree to serve global missions.  And boy has he!  With the help of his wife, Samantha "Sam" they have developed 100 Fold Studio.  This is a nonprofit architectural firm providing innovative and affordable design services for global missions.

Here is the mission statement of this amazing organization's purpose (straight from their website):

We believe that all people deserve safe, efficient & inspiring structures regardless of their ability to afford an architect. Also, quality design does not create additional costs. Our local & international projects have proven that a well-designed building can be affordable – literally saving millions of dollars. Through innovative design, limited resources can be multiplied towards serving people and sharing the Gospel. 

By using their creative talents this organization is dramatically changing lives.  Some of their projects - an orphanage in El Salvador, a soccer complex in Togo, Africa, a community center in rural Kentucky, and a learning center in Zimbabwe, to name a few.   This group is providing a very valuable resource to areas both in the US and abroad who desperately need it - you need sound structural plans in order to build gathering centers, even in areas of need.

Sometimes I think we convince ourselves our talents/jobs are not really suited for serving others.  Well, John Hudson is proof this is not the case! If you have time you must check out their website.  They need your support.  If you are looking for a unique mission to contribute to, I would encourage you to contact them!

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  1. What a wonderful avenue of ministry. We serve an awesome and inspiring God! Thanks so much for sharing.


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