Emerging Trend - Arrow Design

I love it when I begin to see a new trend.  This one is an "arrow" (also called "feather") design.  It's similar to a chevron pattern, but fresher.  I dare say more youthful and fun.  Have you noticed it as of late?

I started seeing all different versions of it popping up when sourcing fabrics back in the Spring.  Now, it's more than fabrics - I'm seeing wallpapers and even accessories like trays, jars and bathroom accessories.

I can see using this pattern just as you would a chevron either as the main accent fabric (if it has several colors in it) or as a secondary fabric (if it's a two color fabric like below). 

Just love this take on the trend - it feels tribal and modern all at the same time.


I will definitely be working this into a design plan soon.  Happy Monday! M.


  1. After seeing the accessories can't stop from buying...
    Nice to wear and looks pretty after that...
    Trendy arm candy

  2. Love this pattern, its so fresh and clean!

  3. very nice post it is looking simple and beautiful and colors are also looking good.
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Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.