Labor Day Weekend

Ahhh, the only day of the year that we can celebrate working without actually having to work!  I just love this beautiful image taken by the fabulous Tracy Ayton.  Totally makes me think about the end of summer and those last sweet moments at the lake.

As relaxing as this holiday weekend can be, it always makes me a little sad to see summer go.  But honestly, once school starts for the kiddos, the pace of summer is really already over - we are back to the morning rush and afternoon carpools.  So, to keep from feeling sad about the end of something, let's focus on the positives of what is to come.  Here are a few of my favorites.

 Oh, before I launch into my Fall favorites, one fabulous thing that happens this weekend?
The Labor Day sales!

  I have mentioned this rug website to several clients (so hopefully some are reading this).  I have scored several rugs here during these blow out sales (they happen twice a year).  The trick to ordering a rug online (sight unseen) is to stick to the 100% wool rugs only!  You will be assured what you get is high quality when it arrives.  For example . . . 
This rug is 100% wool in a decent size (5'x8') at only $132.00.  This could look great in a kid's bedroom or a guest room, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. 

There are tons of others at 80% off right now, so go take a look here. Then, some of my favorite haunts for fab accessories you just don't see everywhere. 

Loving this cool bone box for a dark coffee table - only $28.00. 

 Right now, CWonder's sale items are an additional 50% off through the weekend - so this embroidered dot on linen pillow is around $18.00. Total deal, people!  Has a Kelly Wearstler vibe to me. 

OK, now for my favorites to look forward to now that Fall is right around the corner.

Fall Outfits 
For Fall outfits, you really have to be clever about in the South (since it will remain in the low 90's for quite some time here) . . . 

And yes, girls in the south do continue to wear white jeans, just paired with darker tones, including a current shoe.

Then early winter . . . 

Fall Entertaining
For me, a trip to the farmers market for all the different colors/sizes of pumpkins is like recess to a little kid.

With a weekend of games already behind us, football is finally here.

And Let's not forget the food (who are we kidding?  The food is one of the main reasons I go!) . . . 

If you make these, please include me!!! Yum.

Block Parties/Galas/Art Shows
(aka any excuse for a Fall Party)
It so fun to get together with friends for intimate gatherings and even to get dressed up and make a night of it on the town.  There's just something about the cooler months that really makes events special.

I hope everybody has a wonderful long weekend - Savor it! M.

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