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For a room to have a high end feel, it needs to be layered.  Often times, people think you can throw in a couple of pillows and make it feel fresh.  Well, it really takes more thought to get the look.

You need to look at each element in the room and realize the sum of the layers is what creates the feel of the space.

Today, I wanted to talk about a layer that is often overlooked.  I want to talk about flooring.  This layer is so important to a great space.  Not only does it need to be durable, but you also need to think about what it adds to the overall feel of the room.  For example, can you image the room below with a stone or tile floor?  It would not feel nearly as warm and cozy.

Since your floor is the single largest surface in the space (walls tend to have doorways and windows breaking them up), it is important to get it right.  Due to the ease of installation of this product, coupled with the low maintenance, laminate flooring is a high quality, low price option.  Thus, giving you an affordable, fabulous first layer to your rooms.  For example, this is an oak laminate flooring which gives you a reclaimed, wide plank wood look. 


The high end option though is one of my favorite flooring types and that’s wood.  I like it because it's easier to clean than carpet, but it feels warmer and cozier than tile.  So, if you are considering new flooring for a space, I would encourage you to research wood.   

There are lots of options for wood flooring, and it can get confusing.  For starters, the most expensive option is real hardwood (which is a solid single cut of wood through and through).  Many homeowners think they have real hardwood when, in fact, most flooring used in the US is engineered hardwood floors.  Engineered wood floors can be broken into two types, both have a base of a wood/acrylic product with a layer applied to the top.  For some it is a real wood veneer that is applied to the top which can be refinished a couple of times and then has to be replaced.

For others, it's a laminate product that is made to look like wood.  I say all this not to confuse or dishearten you.  The good news is you can have the look of wood regardless of your budget.  There is a huge range of price points which give you lots of options in deciding what type of flooring you want in your spaces.

Today, I want to focus on the lower end of the budget - the engineered laminate flooring option.  As technology changes, so has the quality of the laminate floors on the market.  Details like surface finishing and grooved edging have really taken this type of flooring to a whole new place.

Given the durability and look of laminate, it is a great option for lake houses, pool houses and even high traffic rooms in your home where water is an issue (i.e., bathrooms, kitchens, or leaky basements.  Also, the warranties on some of these laminates are crazy good (i.e., 30 years in some cases!).  So, they are worth a look see.  Love this really dark option for a more chic feel.

If you thought the wooden flooring look was not an option for your home, think again.  Now, go do your research.  Happy Monday, everybody!  M.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Carpetright. 


  1. You're right, there are so many choices in type, color and price.

    We've decided to go with solid oak hardwood in our living areas including kitchen. Instead of the manufactured flooring where it is pre-stained and polyurethaned, we’re having ours sanded, stained and polyurethaned in place. While the manufactured floors are probably more durable, we decided that we didn't want the groves between planks. Just a personal choice.

  2. Nice Post..You are absolutely right..Nowadays home will become paradise only if suitable colors have been painted. Before, Wall papers were used to decorate. Kitchen designing is the most trend in interior designing.

  3. Wood flooring is so luxurious!! I love the darker shades and herringbone is even better!

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  4. Love the floor in picture three, the style is very rustic but fit's perfectly with modern influences.

    Thanks for sharing.

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