Local Resource: The Wishing Truck

A few weeks ago, I had a very informed client (thanks, Jenny!) fill me in on a fabulous local resource.   It's called The Wishing Truck, and it is a very special delivery service.  

If you've worked with me on any projects, you know there are a few items from IKEA that I love to use in my design plans.  When you incorporate this in small doses no one knows they are IKEA.  The biggest problem with sourcing these items is we do not have an IKEA in Birmingham.  So, clients have been trekking it to Atlanta to pick up these items.  Well, that is until now.  Enter Madison Janssen! 

Her simple, yet much needed company called The Wishing Truck takes routine trips to IKEA to pick up anything you need!  And to make you feel even better about  your purchases, Madison is giving 10% of her profits to missions.  Talk about a win win!  So, I contacted Madison a few weeks ago, and she agreed to an interview on the Muse!  I thought her answers were wonderful.  

Also, just for fun, I'm including some of my all time favorite IKEA hacks throughout this interview to inspire you to contact Madison for a delivery of your own!

Are you originally from Birmingham, Alabama?
I was born in California but quickly moved to Johns Creek, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. I lived in the same house for 21 years until I left for college at Samford. Despite growing up in the South, I would not consider myself a “Southern Bell.”  Atlanta isn’t extremely southern and with both my parents from the west coast, Birmingham put the “south” in my blood. I had never had squash casserole, hamburger steak, stewed tomatoes, or anything along the lines of that. I love big cities, but there is something special about Birmingham... My family in Colorado would tell you I am getting a little twang in my voice!

Brass Etagere - VITTSJO

How did you come up with the concept for your company?
I am a Samford Brock School of Business student pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Management. Entrepreneurship is something that has been in my blood for a long time, I love to think of new ideas and businesses. I was given the opportunity to go to Guatemala and Africa with my church during middle school and high school. One of the biggest impacts the trips made on me was to see how little they had yet the kids were the happiest people in the entire world. They loved the Lord, loved life, and always had the biggest smile of their face. They were so appreciative of the smallest things. I want to help provide a better life for other people and allow the community to get involved as well.
I was given the assignment in one of my Entrepreneurship classes to start and run a business of my choice with $100 and run it for 10 weeks. This assignment could not have excited me more. This is what I love to do! The Wishing Truck idea came to me as I was studying for a Marketing test. I thought of the idea and called my mom to share the excitement. She gave me some feedback and a few things to think through. I proceeded with studying and on the next page of my book was a big picture of IKEA... That’s when I knew I was on the right track!

Dorothy Draper Inspired Chest - Malm Dresser

Another Transformation of the Malm Dresser
What inspires you?
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to many places around the world while growing up. I think that through the experiences I’ve had, the places I have seen, and the people I’ve met along the way have all made an impact on the person I am today. The architecture, food, and culture you find through traveling changes you and they affect the way you see the world. I love the adventures, the explorations, and the new experiences you will find in places unfamiliar to you. We grow so accustomed to how we all live in America, but traveling to other countries and experiencing their way of life will inspire you. God created such a beautiful place and we all should get out there and explore!

Bedside Tables - Rast Chests
What is your design aesthetic/style?
 I have so many different styles! I have always said I want to flip houses so that I can decorate each house with a totally different, but unique design. My dream house would be modern, rustic, and European all in one. I love dark woods, light colors, linen, clean lines, painted brick, mixing gold and silver and white marble. I love a little pop of color in a room full of light colors.

Complete Love of this one!  
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years I hope to be running a business of my own. I would love the opportunity to grow and continue The Wishing Truck with the help of Innovation Depot in downtown Birmingham. I love design and fashion, so I would love to incorporate that into what I do. There are many ways I want expand The Wishing Truck and am excited to see where it all goes. An entrepreneur can never share all her ideas though… :)
If you are in the Birmingham area and need an IKEA fix, Madison's your girl!  Go to her website to find out when her truck will be leaving to make a pick up.  M.


  1. Wow great idea...love an innovative thinker and doer who fulfills a much needed void in the marketplace. Smart lady! Love that she donates some of her proceeds too....admirable!

  2. I think she is on to something! It is worth your time to have someone do that for you since it is so far away....and instead of 2 or 3 people driving on the road there is only one.

  3. What a great idea! I bet she could expand to or offer franchises in other areas around the country--maybe even worldwide!--because IKEA doesn't offer many items online.

    Thanks for the pictures of IKEA hacks and for a lovely blog!


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