West Elm Opens Today

What a fun day yesterday - I got to tour the new West Elm location here in Birmingham.  Just look at all this goodness waiting to be snagged. 

There was a nice group of bloggers who showed up for the tour.  I even learned of a couple of new blogs - The Lovely Owl by Meredith and Bailey Dailies by Catherine.   I can't wait to settle in this weekend and read their blogs.

In addition to lots of interesting info on the sourcing West Elm does for their products, they are doing something really great.  They are partnering with Esty dealers for unique local finds.  If you've worked with me on any design plans, you know I'm a huge Etsy fan.  I think it's a great way to get some one of kind accessories and lots of high end pillows for much much less.  I love the idea of West Elm recognizing all the fabulous talent of the Etsy artisans.  There were several items in the store from specific Esty dealers including these hairpin leg tables . . . 

So, when you're next in the store be on the lookout for these signs which note custom unique items.  I love that the items vary from store to store and really try to focus on local artisans.

Unfortunately, they did not have my favorite spheres in the gold finish.  They are getting them in, so I'll just have to go back. Darn. (smile.)  What I did find were these incredibly oversized trays for only $69.00 each! (sorry the pic is so blurry).  I could not appreciate how large these were online.  And the same size tray at other places in town will cost you well over $200.00 (trust me, I've looked). 

After perusing all the offerings, I could not resist these super soft throws.

I've been looking for some for awhile.  But, I've had trouble finding the perfect color and price point.  I thought they were perfect - love the long fringe on them.  

No more dragging sleeping bags and other blankets into the family room for movie night.   We will be veggin' in style. 

I also got to meet the Elda, the General Manager of the store; and she and the entire staff were so gracious and eager to help.

It was a very fun afternoon.  I hope you'll make some time to run by this week!  It will not disappoint. M.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I lurve shopping Denver's West Elm, maybe a little too much lately.

    Happy weekend, m'luv!

  2. Love me some West Elm...great product and price point!


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