Friday Five

Welcome to the second installment of "Friday 5" where I'm highlighting five of my favorite finds for the week. 

Just love this image! 

In the midst of all my sourcing, here are a few items I saw this week.  

Saw this incredibly clever expandable extension cord on Brooke's (of Blueprint Bliss) Pinterest board.  Loved it.  I always seem to have things to plug in with the huge plugs, and so I have to skip an outlet in between.  Well, no more!

On my recent girl's weekend shopping trip, I saw lots of envelop bags.  They are super current and a really great way to transform an ordinary outfit into something chic.  I'm currently crushing on this one by Rebecca Atwood.  Could be very fun for a casual holiday dinner party invite.

The back is a black/metallic linen.  Yum!

This is a sneak preview of the 2014 collection from Americh
Generally, I think bathrooms can come off feeling very cold and sterile given all the ceramic and glass ordinarily found in these rooms.  So, when I saw this clever free standing tub, I immediately thought about the warmth it could add to a bathroom.  This tub is not even on their website yet, so you will have to call for pricing.  It also comes in a silver finish and another style with a wood surround.

Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit?  This will do the trick!  This has to be my all time favorite candle scent.  It will transport you instantly to a whole new holiday place.  The scent is not like any other I've smelled - its not exactly evergreen or pumpkin pie or even blooming paper whites, but it is divine nonetheless! 

Saw these fantastic two toned belly baskets in Serena and Lilly's catalog and loved them.  They are so super versatile - not just for a nursery.  I can see them next to a reading chair with magazines stacked high or  in a playroom with rolled blankets stuffed inside them for easy access.  

Not interested in splurging on two tone baskets?  Well, make your own look alike with this tutorial. 


Have a marvelous weekend, everybody.  M.

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