Friday Five

Here we go . . . 

I've been working on a boy's bedroom and saw these very cool leather pulls - was shocked how simple this tutorial is, but with such amazing results.


A shameless plug (indulge me, please).  For the difficult to buy for friend/adult child/generous client/you fill in the blank consider a design consult.
 I promise they will enjoy the benefits of this gift far longer than a mani/pedi from the spa.  Also, this service is not just available to those in Birmingham as I work with clients all over the country.  I can meet with individuals in the Birmingham area, but I'm also able do virtual consults with individuals in other areas of the country.  It's a quick, easy way for me to give specific design advice to someone who may not ordinarily treat themselves to this kind of service during the year! Click here to contact me for rates.

Such a clever idea - This website gives the public access to some interesting inventions that might not ever see the light of day due to lack of funding or support.  Now, anyone can get their invention out there!   Here's how it works.  If you like an invention, you can commit to funding it.  If the inventor reaches their target funding(which varies by product), then you are first in line to receive the product!  It's that easy.  It's also a great way for inventors to gauge interest in their products.  If you would like to check out what people are inventing - click here

Have you seen the latest issue of House Beautiful?  It's a show stopper - there's a feature article on Scot Meacham Wood's lovely home.  Included is this stunning image of his family room . . .

When I turned the page and saw this image, a piece of furniture from Wisteria popped into my brain (this happens to me all the time).  So, I decided to go visit it in cyberspace AND it is currently on sale - deeply discounted!  I want. 

I saw this on Pinterest recently.  I think it is a great illustration of what I try to do in my design business.  
I say to clients all the time - I have a good feel for your current style, but it's my job to push you a bit.  I want to show you what's current and how we can achieve it without breaking the bank.  But it does takes a leap of faith to get there!  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't - it's all up to the client.  

Happy Black Friday!  Be careful out there - remember that TV is not worth losing a hand! M.

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  1. Oh I love the Wisteria piece. It is beautiful!
    Mandi, enjoy the holiday weekend!
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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