Friday Five

Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 was announced yesterday - Radiant Orchid
OK, we all know purple is not my favorite color.  However, in small doses I think it can be fun.  Here are a few fabrics with Radiant Orchid inspiration - just to get you thinking!

Saw this amazing image taken by photographer Gunnar Larson.  He and his wife welcomed a new baby into their 400 square foot NYC home this past Spring.  Yelp.  I said 400 square feet.  Talk about a challenge, but I love how they managed to pull it off.  Go to Gunnar's website to see more of this amazing inclusion. 

I'm totally crushing on this fabric at the moment by Carleton V Ltd.
 It comes in two colorways and has a crazy huge repeat of 58 inches.  So, you could use it to make some incredible draperies or pillows each with it's own completely different look!  Must work this into a design soon! 

In the November/December issue of Veranda, there is a villa in Los Angeles featuring the handy work of interior designer Daniel Cuevas.  One of the images blew me away . . . 
This art installation is 144 small graphic images in simple frames.  Each row of frames is sitting on a long shelf painted out the wall color.  For those that have worked with me you know how I love a grouping!  I could stare at this one for hours.  The artist is Allan McCollum.  So many ways to make this happen in a space - just love it.

We are having some very balmy weather here in Birmingham, but based on the forecast the chilly temps are coming our way soon.  I made this amazingly healthy stew a couple of weeks ago and the entire family had seconds (that speaks volumes with my picky crowd).   My plan is to make again this weekend. 

The version I made called for fresh basil and rosemary instead of the cilantro, but this one sounds delicious too! It's also super easy to make and quick which is what I need with all the crazy errands on my list this time of year! Enjoy your weekend.  M.


  1. Fast, healthy and popular? My kind of stew. Will have to try it this weekend, I love chickpeas and spinach. I'm with you on the purple shades, I can't imagine wearing that color, but time will tell. Stop by to see our Gift Guide, you'll find Something for Everyone,

  2. Love it all but that fabric.....OMG, LOVE IT! Enjoy your weekend:)

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