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True confessions - I do not shop on Black Friday.  I really hate crowds, and the few times I've ventured out, the atmosphere of desperation/determination created by the major deals led to some not so pleasant experiences.  So, you will never see me here. . .
On the flip side, Cyber Monday is one of my favorite days of the year.  By the time you are reading this, I will have been up and shopping for hours on the computer.  Why is Cyber Monday so great?  Uuummm lets see - You get to sit in your favorite chair with a cup of something warm and yummy.

There are tons of deals to be had and all this purchasing can be done while listening to Christmas music in your own home.  It's good, people.  So to inspire you, I thought it would be fun to share a few deals with you.

My "go to" for the very best deals on Electronics is Amazon.  Two years ago we purchased our entire media center through them.  The deals were better than anywhere else we looked (and trust me, the hubby looked everywhere!)  The other great thing about purchasing on line was the white glove delivery.  The delivery guy, unwrapped the equipment and placed it in the exact spot we wanted it.  So, we saved money and didn't have to trek the large bulky boxes to the car and then inside.  There are so many deals to be had today for Electronics on Amazon, I can't begin to mention them all.  You just need to click here Shop Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals in Electronics if you have any electronics are on your list (and you didn't manage to snag what you needed at the sales on Friday).

Now for some cute gift ideas that I've had my eye on - I may or may not have already ordered mine today.  You'll just have to wait until Christmas to find out!

Silicone Mustache Stickers
I thought these were so fun.  You place them on your drinking glass and every time you take a sip, it looks like you're wearing a mustache!  They come in lots of options, but these were my favorite.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
We were introduced to moscow mules this past summer.  They are a delicious cocktail that's traditionally served in a copper mug.  These would be a very nice gift for a special friend who is into the perfect cocktail! 

Latest in Interior Design
This book has been on my mind since it's release in early November.  I'm dying to dig through it for some inspiration, and I have a few interior design loving friends who would appreciate getting it too. 

Nice Kitchen Towels
I know these are very practical, but still a major indulgence.  I ask you - who buys themselves nice kitchen towels?  I know I don't.  I use them until they are completely falling apart, and then I grab what I see at the grocery.  How nice would it be to receive some matching kitchen towels?  I'm thinking these may even make my meals taste better!  I know I would at least enjoy cooking them more with a stylish towel at hand.

Magnetic Towel Bar
OK, this may not be the gift you give, to others, but you could get it for your own kitchen.  I saw something very similar on the side of a client's refrigerator the other day and loved the idea.  She actually had rings with clips on them to hold the most recent artwork from her children.  It was a super cute way to display their art du jour. 

Agate Coasters
Have you embraced the agate trend?  These hip coasters are the perfect way to give this trend, but in a very small dose.  They come in lots of different colors and are a fun addition to any space.

Silver Cuff Bracelet
The cuff bracelet is huge right now.  In the winter months, I tend to wear lots of scarves, so I add a cuff for some glam rather than a necklace that will rarely been seen.

For the Man in Your Life
Why not a pair of cashmere gloves.  For several years in a row, I splurged on a cashmere sweater for my husband.  They are very nice to the touch, but the problem is men usually wear a button down or under shirt under the sweater.  Thus, defeating the purpose of all that luscious softness next to your skin.  With gloves, he will get to enjoy the softness next to his hands all winter long.  Since the price  for cashmere gloves is a fraction of a sweater, you could give him two gifts!  Maybe it's time for a new pair in his stocking. 

Regardless of what you are shopping for this season - Get to it and enjoy your Monday shopping without the crowds! M.


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