Signing Off - Merry Christmas

Wow.  What a crazy sprint I've been on since Thanksgiving.  It has been quite a ride - very fun, inspiring and productive.  But now it's time to sign off of the blog for a while and enjoy the season.  My kiddos are home from school, and we are going to be entertaining family and friends over the next week.  But before I go, I wanted to show you some final images of my Christmas decorations.  These are of my dining room.  If you recall, I did a design board of my table settings in this post.  

Now for the results.  As with any design board, a few things evolved over time and have been changed, but the overall look is there.

Here is the malachite fabric table runner.  I actually made the runner with the fabric I found on Spoonflower and what I love about it is I can use it after the holidays for a completely different look.

I love how the glassware really creates a pop on the table.

Rather than using napkin rings, I opted for a different look with the linens and layered them between the metallic charger and dinner plate.  I have to tell you, I picked up the chargers from Target.  I was in there for something else and just thought I would see if they had them.  So, I asked the sales clerk, "Where would metallic chargers be located (this is a brand new Target for our area)?"  She looked at me like I had two heads and then said, "Well, I would start in Electronics will all the regular chargers.  I've not seen a metallic one, though.  Is it for an iPhone?"  I then explained what I was looking for and my daughter said, "Yeah, that's just a weird name for it.  And why do they call it a runner on the table? Weird?!" 

So, here's the fun glassware that inspired the entire table. 

For the cloches, I decided to do some fresh flowers to make them feel special.  I took this image during the day, but several follow at night so you can see the battery operated LED lights included in the cloche with the arrangements. 

Inside this one is a vintage nutcracker I found on Etsy.  It is very sparkly and wonderful.  

OK, I took these pictures last weekend just before our Christmas party which was pick up appetizers and dessert, rather than a seated dinner.  Thus, the reason for the chairs on the wall.  See all the pretty lights!  They are tiny, and I mixed in some colored ones.  

I tucked the battery pack into the greenery so it's unseen.  Did you notice my trick for the party?  I really needed that pop of jewel tones my champagne flutes were adding to the table, so I flipped them over and added a metallic votive candle.  Just enough to pull it off! 

Very excited about getting to enjoy it with my family!  Merry Christmas! M.


  1. It's beautiful, Mandi! The led lights in your cloches is such a great idea. Merry Christmas!

  2. How gloriously festive! Happy Holidays, m'dear!

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