Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I've been thinking about this post for awhile.  I find there are lots of details in design which are super important to getting a high end look, yet most homeowners don't even realize they're significant.  The old saying "out of sight out of mind" definitely applies to the detail I want to talk about today - your rug pads.
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  Many people don't bother to even use a rug pad (guilty on occasion) or they pick up the cheapest pad they can find and call it done.  While the proper rug pad is not necessarily the most expensive pad, the real trick is knowing which pad to use with your specific rug.  This depends on several considerations: the rug's material, the flooring you will be placing the rug; the wear/use the rug will receive (i.e., a high traffic area or kid's space), and the size of the rug.
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Not only can the proper rug pad effect the appearance of the rug, it can also extend the life of a rug.  Thus, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.  Rug pads generally fall into three categories: Foam (the most commonly used), felt or fiber, and rubber padding.  
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Take for example the rug near my front door.
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This rug looks to be a Bokhara (although not entirely sure since the guls are square), and it's on hardwood floors.  While this area does not get a ton of traffic (most people come in through our breakfast room door), it's important the rug pad is thick enough to support this rug and prevent fraying.  Since traffic here was light, I had not invested in a rug pad (see preaching to the choir!).  But over Christmas, we had lots of gatherings, and I noticed people slipping on this rug.  So,  I just got this incredible new rug pad  from Rug Pad USA for this rug (as my helpful assistant demonstrates).

The pad is a thicker fiber with rubber matting on the back side to prevent slipping.  I love it!  I simply went to Rug Pad USA's website and found the one specific for my needs and they shipped it fast (almost as fast as Chinese takeout!)  No more slipping and my investment in this rug has a little insurance.

One thing I love about Rug Pad USA is this super helpful rug pad guide which gives you a handy chart including the floor type, rug type, size of the rug, and even if the pad is made in the USA.  One last thing to note, they even have a special pad for layering rugs over carpet which prevents bunching.  I love this layering trick to bring in more color, pattern and overall interest to a space.

Like the perfect dress, you need the proper foundation for it to look it's best!  Sometimes what finishes the room is not what you see, it's those details behind the Wizard's curtain.  Happy Monday. M.

Thanks to Rug Pad USA for sponsoring this post.  



  1. I'm so guilty of this! May be time.

  2. You are soooo right! A good rug pad is KEY. Very important, I have learned the hard way:)

  3. Pads are key learned that the hard way!


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