Things on the Brain Lately

I've got a completely random assortment for you today.  Sometimes that's just how it rolls around here.  I get something on my brain, and I can't stop thinking about it.  In no particular order . . . 

Wouldn't this be a fun gift for someone who is into photography (and coffee)? 

I've been obsessing over table settings with combinations of blues and oranges - from watery turquoise and pumpkin orange. . . 

to navy with a sherbet melon like color.  These colors always seem to work well together.

I discovered this product before the holidays and just adore it.  In fact, when I get home in the evenings I immediately start thinking about getting to wash my face with it - long before bedtime!  My skin has been super dry this season and this stuff has lots of moisture.  It also removes my eye makeup all in one step.  It has a wonderful girly smell, but not too strong.  I think that's what I most look forward to at the end of the day - the wonderful smell.  I can tell my skin feels softer and smoother - no more dryness.   While it may seem expensive, you only have to use a tiny amount.  It has these micro beads in it that foam like crazy. So, a little goes a long way.

I'm working on a couple of spaces where we are trying to achieve the perfect soft turquoise color.  I sort of feel like soft turquoise is an oxymoron, since turquoise is anything but soft.   Short of yellow, I think this color is one of the most difficult to get right.  You see, turquoise is a great combination of green and blue.  Then when you start to water is down to a soft hue, the color seems to read either blue or green.  I thought we had it at one point but then realized it looked like a blue in a boy's nursery - NOT what we were going for in the least.  So, I'm beginning to think I need to create a custom color.  Here are a few we tried that are lovely colors but just don't seem to work given our lighting in the two different rooms. 

Ben Moore Quiet Moments 

Sherwin Williams Copen Blue

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Behr Lime Light 

Behr Reflecting Pool

So, I would love to hear from you on any that you think are tried and true and continue to maintain the perfect blend of blue and green in a light intensity!

Got this candle from a close friend for Christmas, and it's already gone.  The autumn undertones mixed with a smokey thing (I can't tell if it's an outdoor fire pit/smores smell or something more like a man's pipe smoke, but it's a sweet wintery aroma.)  Must. Have. More. Of. It.  

I just discovered Stitch Fix.  

Not sure where I've been, but I'm now on board and super excited about this clever company.  Have you heard of this?  You go online and fill out a very detailed survey of your likes and dislikes along with your measurements.  Then a stylist pulls items specifically for you and sends you a "fix" of items you might like.  You try it on and only keep what works.  You can decide how often you would like the "fix" and the stylist select things accordingly.  I've not received my first box, but I have to confession, it's pure curiosity that is driving me here.  I'm dying to know what someone else would pull for me to wear.   I'll keep you informed - no selfies on this one, I promise!

So, that's it for now.  I've got a couple of redesigns this week.  So, posting will be sporadic.  My goal is to be better about photographing my projects.  I get so into the project, I completely forget to photograph it.  Happy Monday! M.


  1. I got the chills when I saw the camera lens coffee mug!! That is incredibly imaginative! LOVE!!! Great post.

  2. reminds me of BM beach glass. we used it on our dining room ceiling but it might have the same problem for you as the others you mentioned. look at SW 6472 Composed (?)

  3. I used Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments in my foyer (a light-filled space) and it made me feel happy every time I looked at it. I found it worked best with a creamy, rather than white, trim color like BM's Moonlit. In my new home, I used it in a darker space and, while I like it, it isn't as intoxicating.


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