Accessorizing A Room and A Giveaway!

Today's post is sponsored by Natural Wood Decor, and you are in for a treat!  Danielle contacted me and asked if I would be interested in hosting a product review and also agreed to give one lucky winner the same piece.  Two of my favorite things - a product review and a giveaway!  At the same time, I've been getting lots of questions from you on how to accessorize spaces.  What type of accessories do I need?  Where do I go to get them? How do I pull it together?  I love it when I can connect the dots!  So, I've selected one very versatile accessory and styled it three different ways to give you some ideas on what you can do in your own home.  Then, one lucky reader will get the same accessory for their home.  Fun, right?!

Here's the scenario, you have the bones of your room established.  The right layout has been developed, the proper scale furniture pieces are in place, and you've selected fabulous fabrics for draperies and pillows.  But, the room still doesn't feel quite right.  The problem?  The room needs to be styled.  Just like with fashion, you can select the perfect top, pants and shoes for an outfit.  But, this foundation alone will not get you there.  
Casual Chic

Without proper accessories and styling, it simply will not WOW you.  This is also true of a room.  You can have all the foundation pieces, but without proper styling, the result will be lack luster.  When selecting accessories, you really need to think about where you will use the accessory and then try to mix up the materials.  I'm also very practical, and I love accessories that can be used in lots of different ways and areas of your home.   It gives you more opportunities to change and mix things up for a fresh look.   Based on this, I've selected a simple fir wood cheese board as our accessory.

OK, for starters, you all know a cheese board can be used for serving - taaa daaaa . . . cheese.  No brainer, right.  I whipped this up over the weekend to nibble on during the cocktail hour.   It can really make a simple block of cream cheese feel special!

There is something really organic about these cheese boards or wooden trays in general.  These boards from Natural Wood Decor are harvested from the root of a fir tree.  So, every one of them is unique with a little different shape.  I love the irregular shape of the one they sent me.  

 Now, when your done snacking, this board can be used in other areas of your home to add a nice natural element.  Here, I've paired it with my cloches.

Really like the contrast in color of the wood tones here too. 

Another idea for styling is to use the board to soften a very cold area like in a bathroom where you have lots of tile and hard surfaces. 

Remember, the board does not have to be large enough to hold everything.  Just the layering effect with a few of the soaps and lotions on it is enough.

Lastly, even using an accessory for a utilitarian purpose can help a space.  Here, I've placed the board under an orchid to protect my furniture from a spill.  A sweet friend gave me this orchid recently, and it totally brightens my day to see it when I walk in the room!

It's incredible to me how such a small addition can really change the look of an area.

Now.  Who's ready to win a cheese board of their very own?!  Here's what you need to do.  

Details to Enter

1. To be eligible you MUST click over to Natural Wood Decor, look around, then pick your favorite item AND come back and leave a comment about it.
For additional entries(increase your odds, people!):
- While over at 
Natural Wood Decor, pin your favorite item to Pinterest (you will need to include in your comment a link to the pinned item for me to see).
- and if you're a blogger, post on your blog about the giveaway

Be sure to include a separate comment for each extra entry including contact information (so I can contact you when you win)!  Winner will be selected by  
Deadline for entering is this Friday, February 14th at 5:00 PM Central.  

As a special treat, through Valentine's Day Natural Wood Decor is offering 30% and all orders over $75 ship for free.  Go check it out - they have lots of great items.  I'm loving this zig zag wood side table - reminds me of the iconic chess piece side tables.  

Happy Monday! M.


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  4. What lovely stuff, and nice to learn a bit about the different woods, too.

    I was going to plump for the bathroom towel ladder, but then I saw the mango-wood kitchen utensil jars, which are very nice indeed, so those are my favourites!

  5. i love the Teak Spa Stool - Natural Teak Oil Finish - that would be great in my shower!

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  15. Wow, so many beautiful items I can't pick just one! I'm loving the twist stool, lotus wall panel and party platter/cheese board.

    1. Hey Mel,
      You've won the cheese board! If you can please contact me, via email mandismitht (@) gmail (dot) com, with your information, I'll hook you up with the prize! Congrats! Mandi

    2. Hey Mel,
      I've not heard from you on winning my giveaway! You have until Saturday, Feb. 22nd to claim your prize. If I've not heard from you by then, I'm going to have to select another winner. Please contact me with your contact information! Thanks! M.

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  17. Everything is so beautiful! I really love the Mango Wood Tortoise Shell Serving Bowl and Servers-just stunning.

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