Monday Musings

It's Monday.  My children are home yet another day.  Between all the snow days and then today with an e-day working from home, I feel like my world has been turned upside down.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, and this did help to brighten outlooks at our house.  But I think it's the routine I'm craving at this point.  Routine helps me focus, and feel organized.  So, I just couldn't seem to pull a detailed post together for you today.  Instead, you'll be treated (I'm using this word liberally here) to the randomness of my thoughts as they weave in and out of lots of different topics.  Just a few images of things on my mind lately.  Some are ideas I'm working on for clients.  Some are simply ideas I've been preoccupied with over the last few weeks.   

I'm loving this antiqued mirrored wall in a bathroom.  I'm not crazy about the mirror vanity, but the wall is divine.
Contemporary Bathroom by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Laura U, Inc.

Look at this one.  Lovely.

And this one with so much of the reflected material removed that it's almost black.  

Switching gears.  I love everything about this image.  This home was designed by Pierre Yovanovitch, and he's on my radar big time.

In fact, his entire portfolio is mesmerizing me as of late.  Another from his portfolio (which blogger will not let me center for some strange reason?).

If I did my hair like this, I would look like I needed to be washing the car or mopping the floor.  She, on the other hand, looks totally fantastic and fresh.  Wouldn't it be fun to wear your hair in a new way, if even just for a day?   

Which reminds me.  I think the transition from Winter to Spring is one of the most difficult times of the year to figure out what to wear.  You know, when it's still winter, but Spring is almost here.  You're totally tired of the winter coat and heavy sweater look.  But, it's too chilly for your fun new Spring items.  I've been trying to get inspired by Polyvore.  And it's helping.  

winter to spring

Another.  Think layers and pops of color.
Winter to Spring with Bold Colors and Prints

Back to design - If you must have screened doors, then make them count.  Love the chippendale design on these.

Sometimes I love the idea of details just for the sake of being pretty.  No practical reason, just pretty.  My practical side wants that niche to serve a purpose, but then I go back to how pretty it is just being pretty.  Very torn here. 

I'm working on a design plan for a client, and I'm including a solid tufted ottoman.  I'm pretty excited about it too.  Can't wait to show the client!

OK.  Hope you enjoyed my brain purge today!  Just a few ideas swirling in the mix.  Happy Monday. M.


  1. loved it --- I think it's hard to be focused on one idea these days and/or complete a projects because the kids have been home so much this winter. I have so many design projects in limber because my clients and I have been so out of our normal routine so I love and COMPLETEY understand your random musings!

  2. This is my mind every day Mandi :) So I can appreciate this post very much. We've had so many snow days too. You're right - it's so hard to feel "normal" when we're so out of our routine. I'm still trying to lose some baby weight, so I'm trying to hold off on buying new clothes until I lose those extra pounds, but I do love to accessorize and always on the lookout for a new scarf (love that one you show in the first outfit photo). And I just treated myself to a brand new bag the other day, so I'm patiently waiting for that to be delivered :) I actually have that last image saved in my "Built-Ins" folder on Pinterest - I love the built ins they've got going there.


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