Open Letter To My Sweetie

I've spent the past 16 Valentine's as your wife.  

While big changes have happened in our marriage in each of those 16 years - changing cities, moving to a new house (you letting go of your beloved bachelor pad), a new baby, big changes in our professions, another baby, another move, (I could go on!), one thing has not changed - my love for you. 

I dare say it's even deeper than when I married you.  I knew you were a good egg, but had no idea how attached I would become.  You are my best friend.  Your love and support of me in all my endeavors has meant more to me than you will ever know.  

Because of your steady and unwavering support, you've allowed me to try my wings and fly in a completely different profession than when we first married.  This change has brought me some much joy, and I love you for allowing me to figure it out.  I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and feel blessed beyond measure.  I could not say it any better than this note . . . 

What a wonderful gift the Lord gave me when you entered my life.  Much love to you on this romantic day.  Love, Your Valentine. 

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