Rethinking Side Lights

There are lots of homes where side lights are the most appropriate option for the style of the home.

  However, there are times when I see homes with sidelights that could really benefit from a different entryway door.  It's often a super ornate/grand door style paired with a ranch style home.  To add to this, I find the door style is completely opposite from the homeowner's personality and sense of style.  Many will have a very laid back casual style inside their homes, but you would never guess this from the street.  I think the main reason is the door has always been there, and it doesn't even cross their minds.

While catching up on a few back issues of my favorite magazines, I saw this gorgeous image from The Cottage Journal and instantly thought, "that's it!" This could be the perfect solution for an entry where the you need the additional light, but don't want the traditional side light look.  They actually fold back to create a nice breeze way into the home.

Once I noticed this, I started seeing more of them as well as simple french doors as the main entrance.  Don't you love how that happens?  Love it!  So, if you are considering one investment this year, think about your front doors and how this can single handedly change the entire look of the exterior of your home.


  1. I want a new front door something bad...we have sidelights and a half moon transom...ugh. I picked out a new front door but three door companies have told me that I should replace the whole unit not just the door or else they cant guarantee it wont leak. Oy vey. I've got to keep whispering subliminal thoughts til replacing the whole thing becomes my husband's idea :) ha!
    oh, btw...that house, the fourth picture in your post is in Palmetto Bluff and is beyond gorgeous in person!

  2. Glad to see you back! My husband was just in Beaufort, SC and actually mentioned the front door styles he saw along the way. Great inspiration.

  3. oh my .... love those doors! wish I could change mine out!! Such a southern thing!!

  4. Oh How I wish I had a front doorway worthy of this new look!! I am going to change it up a bit I hope ... these are beautiful and make me think of cool breezes wafting through the house on a sunny day! xo


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