Snow and Hearts

Wow, quite the week here in Birmingham - I heard someone call it the "snow apocalypse" and it felt a bit like that on Tuesday when it suddenly hit.  Now for those of you who live in areas where snow remains on the ground for months at a time and are rolling your eyes, just know this kind of thing is very rare where we live.  Our city is simply not equipped to handle it.  Just image your city with no snow plows, a few bags of sand (not even salt) on hand, and lots of Southerns at the wheels of vehicles with no 4 wheel drive - should at least give you a small shudder for sure. 

I was in the middle of a redesign (with movers moving a baby grand piano no less) and the schools called with a 15 minute warning to pick up kiddos.  The images are quite incredible. 
via James Spann's Facebook page

Most people simply abandoned their cars and walked home.  Others took shelter for the night (or nights depending on who you ask).   
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One thing's for sure, our Southern hospitality was alive and well during the chaos.  Here's just one example. 
via James Spann's Facebook page

I know everybody has their own story of the day's events (some more amazing than others - like this brain surgeon).  As for mine, suffice it to say, I had all my peeps back in the nest by Tuesday night, and I was feeling incredibly blessed and fortunate.  We spent the remainder of the week sledding between hot chocolate breaks, and I managed to get some design work done. Thank goodness the Internet was up and running!   

Things are back to a Southern state of mind, and today I'm focusing on Valentine's day.  I realize it's a hallmark holiday, but I still love it.  It's one of the only holidays not requiring tons of planning and preparation, and the decorations are so fabulous - I just love the table settings, menu ideas, and door decorations.  I mean who doesn't love flowers and an excuse to have a bouquet in your house?  I also love the special day falls on a Friday night this year.  So much fun.  Since all the restaurants will be completely jammed, I'm thinking a dinner party is in order.  Here are a few things currently inspiring me for this very festive holiday. 

Are you planing anything special for Valentine's day? Would love to hear about your plans!  Happy Monday. M.


  1. Love all those valentine special ideas! I really love the coffee sign though!!!

  2. I'm happy to see Southern hospitality is alive and well - we've had unbelievable snow this year in NC. I'm completely obsessed with the first tablesetting...gorgeous!!


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