The Weekend Extra

I have a special Saturday addition to the blog today.  I have a couple of things today I wanted to share that just couldn't wait until Monday.  First, we have a winner of the natural fir cheese board.

The Prize

The Deal
Now for the inside scoop!  I have mentioned this deal to several clients.  Rugs USA host these amazing sales a handful of times a year.  I do not exaggerate here - they are amazing.  Right now the sale includes rugs that are 70% off.  So, you are paying 30% of retail for these rugs.  The deals are so amazing that you can see the quantities of these rugs dwindle by the hour.  If you can visualize people on line grabbing and snatching rugs from each other that is what I'm talking about here.

So, I wanted to get the word out to those of you who are in need of a great, well priced rug.  Additionally, here are my tips for buying a rug online.  Many people are afraid to purchase an expensive item, sight unseen.  I totally understand this.  In fact, the first rug I purchased from an online source was a complete bust.  But, I learned a lot from that experience, and I wanted to share my thoughts on how you can avoid this and get one amazing deal. 

Tip One
If you are worried about the rug looking cheap, make sure you only purchase rugs in a 100% natural fiber (like sisal, sea grass, or wool).  With any of the rugs in a "blend" there is a risk that it will look cheap upon arrival.  This was my mistake.  I got a bit greedy and went for a rug that looked like the wool one but it was a blend.  The price was rock bottom, and when it arrived it looked a bit like and outdoor rug.  Since that experience, I've purchased two rugs from this company that were 100% wool, and both of them are fantastic.  Go for the 100% wool, and you will love it.   

Tip Two
Keep it simple.  If you've narrowed your selections to a few options, go with the more neutral one.  I've found over the years it's nice to switch up rugs in my rooms for a fresh feel.  If you have a very color specific rug in a room, this will not be an option.

Tip Three
Make a mental note of return shipping.  In my case, the return shipping was very expensive.  It ended up being about $30 less than the total I paid for the rug.  Complete bummer.  Again, lessoned learned.   

Tip Four
Measure and remeasure your spot to make sure you are ordering the proper size.  Here are a few great diagrams to help you figure this out. 

Dining Room

Bedroom with Twin Beds

Bedroom with Queen Beds

Living Room

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!  Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing. M.


  1. Great tips, Mandi! Hope you've survived this wacky weather! xo Heidi

  2. Thank you for your new ideas. Here i got some of Living room design ideas for my friends house and hope I will contact you soon. natural living room

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your this post and your tips on buying rugs online -- great tip about the 100 percent wool.!! Thanks so much!

  4. Great guide, it would help to choose a perfect area rug.


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