Curb Appeal Part V

It's time for some hardscape.  Once the trees were cleared, it was time to apply the design to the yard.

I kept thinking, "How are they going to figure this out?"  Well, a very talented masonry guy (who is really great in Math) for Green Landscaping, took the drawing and careful applied it to the hill.  He started by drawing the layout on the ground with white paint for us to see how it was going to look and feel.   See all the white lines on the hill?

Those lines might not look like much, but they are super important.  They determine the number of steps, placement of the landings, and the elevation of the entire hardscape.  I cannot stress how important this stage in the process is to the entire design.  Once they start pouring the concrete and laying the block, there is no going back!

Here is the poured concrete which all the lovely stone will be based on for the new design. 

Once they started placing the stones, I quickly realized this is not a cookie cutter process.  These masonry guys are true artisans.  They hand chisel each stone to create a tight fit  and one of a kind look.  They are constantly making sure the pattern is varied and level with the block base.  Really amazing to watch this process.

Here are a few images of how the stone work came together.

I absolutely love this rounded detail where the wall begins!  It's the perfect spot for a pumpkin for Halloween! When I mentioned this, my son said, "Really Mom?  You're actually thinking about a pumpkin during this project?"  Sorry!  Can't help it.  Details like that just pop into my brain. 

And here is the overall look from the street.  Right now, it's blending in with all the brown dirt on the hill, but as soon as this area is planted you will be able to see the contrast. 

Have a wonderful day.  

Here are links to all the stages of this process.  If you would like to learn more about this project.
Also, if you live in the Birmingham area and want to start a landscape project of your own, you need to contact these guys to help you pull it together!  Landscape Designer Randy McDaniel and Paul Lell with Green Landscape! 

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