Market 46

With warmer weather almost within reach, I've been dreaming about entertaining outdoors.  We have that sweet spot of time when Spring has sprung, but the pollen has yet to overtake everything.  Then a few pollen laden weeks, Summer arrives with extended days of outdoor living.  As I'm writing this, I would definitely say I'm earning for the change of season.

Of course, a girl can dream - right?!  So, I'm getting a plan together to jump on that tiny window of time before the pollen hits with a fun get together.  Fortunately, I've discovered a fabulous resource to help me!  It's called Market 46, and it's a wonderful vintage rental company.

The idea for this company began when co-owner Julie could not find what she needed for a rustic wedding reception.  She then teamed up with Elizabeth and they created Market 46 in honor of both their parents who were married in 1946.

Most people only think of this type of company when they're planning a high end wedding.  But, today I wanted to focus on using this resource for smaller gatherings at home.  Since they have no minimums, you can rent just what you need for your next party and pull off an fantastic evening without breaking the bank!  Here are just a few items that caught my eye.  

I love the idea of serving assorted cheeses and fruits on this fabulous board as a starter with a signature cocktail.  I've never be able to rationalize purchasing one of these since I know it would only be used on limited occasions.  But for $7.00 for a evening?  It's the perfect serving piece. 

I also love these!  So fun for Spring and paired with the right table runner and flowers, these could create a very fun atmosphere. 

OK, I love the look of these trough tables for serving beverages outdoors, but again, cannot justify buying one since I know it will be used once or twice a year and then I'll have to find a place to store it.  

Look at these vintage plates.  What a fun lunch you could host with friends.  Also, one more thing to mention about these rentals - you're not required to wash them after the party!  They take care of this for you.  How easy would that be, to have a fresh fun china pattern and you're not responsible for washing them?!  

Then switching gears/parties, let's talk birthdays.  A few years ago, I hosted a "movie on the lawn" party for my daughter's birthday.  We set up a large screen outside with blankets, etc.  For the treats, I popped a huge bucket of popcorn and had assorted toppings for the children to add to their popcorn.  This container would have been absolutely perfect for my toppings.   It would also be perfect for an end of the year ice cream party for all those yummy toppings. 

These would be so fun for a special end of the year team party which will be here in no time.   

And what a fun way to serve lemonade for a neighborhood gathering.

Switching gears, again.  What about this?  Hosting a large crowd for Easter this year and cringe at the thought of having to set up those plastic tables in your living room?  This would be perfect and could easily seat six additional people and look great too.

I'm sure vintage rentals companies are in most larger cities, you just need to do a little research to find them.  But if you live in the Birmingham area, all you need to do is head over to Crestline village.  Market 46 is located in the back of the Lamb's Ear which is another favorite "go to" for wonderful gift items.  Get planning your next party and savor the pretty weather that will be coming our way very shortly! M.


  1. Wow! this is great! Thanks for sharing. (I want to hear more about your "movie on the lawn" party. I'm trying to plan daughter's 6th birthday party and was considering a movie night).

  2. I have a friend that owns one...I had never heard of it before that...great idea!

  3. What a great idea, sometime traditional rentals can be atmospherically stifling… these items are sure to enhance any party atmosphere. Love it!


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