High Point Market Trends

Sorry for the MIA last week!  It has been one of the busiest Springs I can remember.  The weather here has been absolutely wonderful, and it's been super hard to focus.  But I have lots to share.  Kicking off the week - I wanted to show you some trends I've been seeing on Pinterest from High Point Market.   A few are a continuation of previous trends while others are brand new.  

First up, brass is not going anywhere!  This trend has been big for the past several years, and now it seems to be on steroids.  I'm not sure how much farther it can be taken.  Most of you know I love a good trend as much as the next decorator, but I like it in small doses (i.e., a lamp, or accessory).  This allows your home to feel current without being saddled with a large something something once the trend fades away.  So, a word of caution before diving into this pool!  

Brass Casement Furnishings
Bernhardt Interiors

This fantastic console table for E.J. Victor.  This seems to be a bit easier to switch out when the trend fades.  We are only talking a console table here and not a bed!

Another by Bernhardt

Use of Non-Traditional Materials
While we are on the subject of furniture pieces, I'm seeing lots of unique materials being used for large furniture pieces.  

Loving this table made from cut velum.

Look at this stunning example - mahogany with faux bone accents.  Again, just mixing up the tones and textures will create a more interesting space.  Love the based on this table - it could rock an entry way.

Loving the shape of this cocktail table in shagreen.  Talk about adding some amazing texture.  Shagreen has been on my radar for awhile now.  I've seen it on smaller side tables, boxes and lamps, but now it's on larger pieces.  Really love this trend and think it will continue.

Love the contrast of the black tones and the shell shape.   The modern shape of these tables is super fun, but mixing it with a traditional wood tone makes it the perfect piece for adding some modern style to a traditional home. 

Completely love this one!  Again, a new material which adds tonal contrast and a completely different texture.  This is always a goal when developing a design plan for a space. 

Creative Shapes On Basic Pieces
This is an interesting trend I've just noticed coming on the scene.  I think we are truly on the front edge of this trend.  The idea of making a space more interesting by mixing up the actual design of the upholstered pieces.  Love the look of this three legged chair.

This is another great example of a unique design adding to the overall feel of a space.  The colors are neutral, but the design is anything but.  It's a total wow. 

I am loving this piece.  It reminds me of the Flintstones, but in a very chic, sophisticated way.  I also think of the tooth fairy when I see this piece.   I think the high end feel of the cut velvet fabric puts this little ottoman over the top for me.  I would love a pair of these in my living room - it's the perfect way to inject some fun, less serious style into a formal space. 

Notice the simple curved arms on this modern example of a winged back chair.  Again, subtle unique lines to a tried and true piece.  

Lastly, I'm loving the soft curves of the sides on this backless chaise.  Just enough to make this piece feel fresh without being too trendy.  Simply gorgeous.

Fresh Materials for Lighting
This is my favorite of all the trends I'm noticing - the use of unique materials on wall sconces and other lighting.  As I always say, lighting is like the jewelry of a room.  

These are calling out to me - daily.  I will not confess how many times I've already visited this image on Pinterest.  A little obsessed -  leather and nail heads (like cinnamon and sugar, the perfect combination).  

And these - again - lucite (with hints of brass just to draw you in).

Another by Ro Sham Beaux Lighting.  It's hard to see in the image, but it's metallic.  This entire line of lighting makes me swoon.  It's to the moon and back - like this gorgeous thing.

The wave sconce by Dune and Duchess in ceramic and comes a lots of color options.

Last but not least, most if you know my disdain for bunk beds.  Mainly because they gobble up all the visual space in a room, and they are not an attractive focal point.  Well, that is until now.  Feast your eyes on this beauty.  (No, I never thought I would use the words bunk beds and beauty together).

I was not able to find any source information on this piece.  So, if you know, please share!  I'm more than happy to give credit where credit is due.  It feels completely custom. 

Hope you have a great start to your week. M.


  1. Pretty sure I need one of those coffee tables. I'm not picky! ;)

  2. I love that gold console table and that bunk bed is something I'd like to sleep in :) is that wrong?

  3. Great post! I am in love with the brass furniture especially the greek key coffee table! I also like the beautiful wall sconces. That velvet bunk bed is absolutely gorgeous! Do you know where the stunning dragon wallpaper is from? Thanks for sharing, Mandi!


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