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We all have Spring fever over here.  I honestly think I have it worst than the kids this year.  I think all the romping around in the front yard for our project has made me very excited about the warmer weather.  I've been thinking about a few new tables setting and lots of other Spring inspired items.  Just a few of the items swirling around in the coconut these days. . . 

Honeycomb pattern of magnetic spice jars. 

I've been cleaning out and checking stock of our bar area.  We seem to use it so much more in the summer when entertaining.  I think it's fun to have a funky wine stopper or two! Love these, and they would make a great hostess gift.

I'm working on a lunch menu for Easter and leg of lamb keeps popping into my mind.  I've never made it, but it seems like the perfect Easter main course.

Then, I was also thinking about coconut cake.  And found this one with a fun twist -  Coconut Carrot cake.  The picture makes my mouth water.   

I showed it to my hubby and said, "Doesn't this look divine?" His reply, "Looks like a waste of good sugar to me.  I'm a pie man." Boooo.  Insert sad face here.  But, then I thought of lemon pie.  And happy face.  If you make that wonderful looking cake, please eat a piece for me.  This year, I'm going with pie.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen a little sneak peek of my table setting with this picture.  

The dogwood china was a gift from my mother in law,  and I made the napkins over the weekend.  See a bit of the pattern under the plate?  It's a faux bois pattern with peachy/coral tones.  I got the idea to make the napkins from a very clever client, and it was super easy.  Total cost for 20 napkins - $36.00.  I was considering a set at West Elm that would have cost me around $240.00 for a dozen.  So, I'm pretty happy at the moment. I plan to have peach and green tones throughout the table. You'll  have to wait for the whole reveal.  Here's the fabric source if you want to make a set of your very own.

Also saw this fun recipe for a Spring signature cocktail - Rosemary Infused Honey Sidecars. Yes please.  I've never tried a sidecar, and it looks like this year is the year!

Been thinking about this room in blogger Abby Larson's home.  A. lot.  And I'm not even a pink kind of girl.  Trying to decide what it is about the room I like so much. 

Here's the other side of the room.

I think it's how light filled it seems.  The drab winter we've has me in a light and airy mood.  Told you I had the fever.  I'm sure you've seen Domino's website where you can shop the story.  Love that feature.  Very fun to see the price points - click here to check it out

Lastly, have you seen the new fabrics from Schumacher?!  They have created a couple of brand new designs that I love.  I shared pictures of them on Instagram this week.  But, they've also issued some new color ways of a few tried and true designs (like Betwixt, Chang Mai, and a few others).   There are four new colors of Betwixt (love them all) and three new colors of Chang Mia (one with a kelly green background that's oh so divine).  Such a great way to make a tried and true fabric feel fresh.  They are so new, I can't even find them on their website.  Should have snapped a few pictures of them with my phone.   

Happy Mid-week. M.

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  1. I found you on IG Mandi! I love when I can connect with some of my favorite bloggers on Instagram. I need to check out that feature on Abby Larson's home further. The neutral base is beautiful and how she layered in metals and color.


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