Curb Appeal - Grand Finale

It's finished!  After almost ten years of leaving with our front yard in this state, it was long over due.  When I look at the transformation now, it's hard to remember what it looked like before.  So, let me refresh your memory.  I have the pictures to prove just how bad our front yard looked.

Here's where we were a few short months ago.  Lots and lots of leaves, trees, and ivy . . . 

And now . . 

If you recall, there was a small walkway (you can't see it from this angle) that went across the front of our house and then this bank of weeds and dirt.

We now have a proper entrance with steps.

Notice the neighbors' mailbox.  I was standing in the street when I snapped this image.

This angle is on the opposite side of the house and you can see a small bit of the small, uneven parking pad to the left.

Now, the parking pad pulls deeper into the front giving guests a closer, more inviting walk to our front door.

This is the area outside our bedroom.  We made the decision mid-project to turn this into a sitting area rather than simple lawn. 

I'm so glad we did this, and I really think we will use this as a secondary seating area.  My husband loves to run, so I can see him stretching/cooling down here after he runs.  The only issue now is furniture.  I have something in mind, but we are going to have to wait a bit (let the pocketbook cool off).

Remember the walkway "welcoming" visitors to our bedroom doors?  

No more!  It's gone, and I'm happy to tell you I got our first package placed at the front door by Fed Ex last week!  So, the new design is working.  The true test will be when we order pizza!  

The goal is for the hedge to completely grow in and not only block visitors from entering this way, but give us some privacy for our seating area. 

Last but not least, the view from our front door.

Much nicer to see this when I open the door for visitors.  Looks like it time for a party.

I can't leave this post without thanking the designer of this amazing transformation, Randy McDaniel.  Also, the talented team of Green Commercial & Residential Landscaping for implementing the plan to perfection - Thank you Paul and Jeremy.  I also have to thank Green's hardscape team headed up by Carlos who (along with his talented group of masonry artisans) took a drawing on paper and made it come to life!  Thank you for all your painstaking hours of making our front yard something really special.  Happy Monday! M.


  1. It looks stunning! Money well invested, my friend.

  2. What an amazing transformation! I particularly love the flagstone entrance in your last photo. And the brick/stone outline around your parking pad is an idea we need to borrow! You and your neighbors must be so pleased with your landscaping! It is so pretty and makes your home so inviting!

  3. so lovely! hoping the weather is beautiful where you are so that you can hang out in that beautiful yard!


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