Getting the Trend - Black and White

How many times have you notice a fabulous new trend and thought, "love it, but it won't work in my house?"  While trends can be enticing, they can be difficult (aka expensive) to incorporate.  Today, I wanted to give you my thoughts on a current trend and how to make it work in your space.  The trend is "Black and White," and it's totally hot at the moment.  Here are a few images to give you the idea . . . 

This biggest problem with this trend is most of us do not have white sofas or chairs to use with the black and white pillows.  Don't get me wrong, I've sourced a few white sofas in my career.  But, even with those, they are always slipcovers that can be washed.  For most people, the larger upholstered pieces in your home are beige in tone (this makes it much easier to switch up the look with pops of color).  So what happens when you want to incorporate black and white pillows?  They just don't seem to work with beige to give you a chic vibe.

There is a simple solution - make sure your black and white pillow scheme includes some beige.  Yep.  That's it. Easy Peasey.  Here are a few boards I pulled together for a client project pulling in some of the beige tones. 

Now for a few images  of spaces using this trick!  Incorporating some beige tones in with the black and white makes it work . . . 

If you need help pulling your spaces together or just want a fresh perspective, call me.  I can help!  For more information on my design services, click here. M.


  1. I am a lover of black and white but to me when you add in the camel it really warms it up! Good inspiration:)

  2. I love black and white too! Great inspiration!

  3. This is my favorite color scheme!

  4. So interesting because I have found myself adding shots of black decor into my style, I love the slight sophistication it gives!

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  5. Love all those options. Black and white has been my staple for years…sometimes I add a third color like green or pink. Nice post!!!


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