Ways to Get the Look

Here are two similar looks, but the pricing on these are very different.  Can you tell which is the more expensive (as in $1,000.00 more)?


In the first image, they have used a basic subway tile and simply laid it out in the a herringbone pattern to get the look.  In the second image, those tiles have each been hand cut on a perfect angle to match up with the adjoining tile to create a chevron pattern.  So, image number two is the more expensive due to the additional labor required of the tile work.  

I think as the chevron pattern becomes more popular, we will begin to see ready made parallelogram shaped tiles (my son would be so proud I worked in "parallelogram") in the real stone/marble tiles. 

Here are just a few more to consider in some lovely rooms. 

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  1. One of my very favorites is an aged oak herringbone wood floor; however these subway tiles laid so interestingly have my attention as well!

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