The 2015 Color of the Year is Revealed!

So, have you heard?  Pantone announced the 2015 color of the year, and it's Marsala.  I was really surprised.  It feels a lot like a color we all know and love (just kidding on the love part) from our past called Burgundy.  Yelp - there I said it.  Since, I don't love the idea of burgundy, I'm choosing to interpret this color more like a coppery wine, rather than a fortified wine!   

My advice to you on this color - make sure you are seeing some brown in it and think small doses!  Also, if you watch this video of the explanation of this color you will note their discussion of brown (not grey) starting to make a come back in interiors - "Why Marsala?"  So, for those clients out there who begged for grey walls, aren't you glad I steered you to the warm grey tones rather than the cool grey tones?!  The warm greys (aka greige) will still work wonderfully with Marsala as well as the brown tones beginning to make a comeback.

On a side note, I read the most interesting article in Vogue Magazine this month about people who have additional cones their eyes.  It's a genetic mutation which allows them to see colors a normal person is incapable of seeing in the environment.  Very cool I must say.  I do think color is such a personal thing and people see it so differently.  So, it's interesting to take a color like Marsala and play with the spectrum of it a bit.  Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about with Marsala.

I think what makes this work for me and not read burgundy is the stria in the color (I think this is actually a stain on wood).  The lighter tones are helping this to feel more brown to my eyes.

Not seeing burgundy at all with this grasscloth treatment - it feels more orangey.  I love it.  Very fun interpretation of Marsala.

The idea of coppery anything - sign me up!

This one is getting closer to Burgundy for me, but it's such a small dose and when used with  the light and airy wallpaper, it is lovely.  As a side note, this is a fabulous use of mirrors in a space - you've double the windows here.  

When the color has more brown in it (like this coverlet) you can venture off into the gold hues for a much warmer feel. 

Look how fabulous it looks paired with green tones - again when you accent the brown tones in this color.

Even with a true green . . . 

And let's not forget, we can always wear this color for a current look.  

Last side note: For a really great list of color matches to Marsala for all the popular paint brands, someone at Lonny Magazine has already done the work for you.  That is, if you're brave enough to paint something this color!  M.


  1. When I first saw the color...I said "yuk"....but you have definitely given me a different perspective!

  2. I definitely needed to see this color through your eyes to appreciate it.!

  3. Great post! I DO think there is Marsala in my kilim rug …and I like how it looks with the turquoise in the paintings. Everything comes back (like brass) with a slightly new interpretation (and name). I will have to check the Lonny link. Thank you! Love the color in fashion. Especially this time of year.


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