Design Project - Family Room

Happy New Year to all!  I hope everybody had a marvelous holiday this year.  I finished my last design presentation of the season and woke up the next morning to the worst cold of my adult life.  I think burning the candle at both ends finally resulted in having to shut things down for a bit.  But I am now on the mend.  Nothing like a little rest to make things right.  

I thought I would kick off the new year with a design project I did this past year for a wonderful family.  They had been struggling with the layout of their family room.  In fact, they had purchased new furniture for the space and it was not the proper scale.  So, they decided to scrap it and make a fresh start.  I began the project by creating three different layout options for the room.  I think it's super important to really think about the best layout for the space before purchasing the first piece of furniture.  In our case, the only piece of furniture they wanted to keep was the buffet style piece under the TV.  This created dual focal points (the fireplace wall and the TV wall).  So, all the layouts included this restriction.

With all three layouts, I used the same basic pieces of furniture with same additions to round out each design.  Here is the basic design board for the layouts.

I also created several pillow option boards.  I really think it's important to create a neutral palette with the upholstered pieces which are the biggest investment in the space.  Then, add punches of color with the pillows and accessories to give you some interest.  If you grow tired of the color, it's a quick change of pillows and you have a completely different look.  Here are the pillow options. 

Once I complete a design plan for a client, the detail in these plans is so complete that most clients can implement the plan on their own.  They may have a few questions for me along the way, but for the most part, they can take it and run.  The only negative is I usually don't get to see the finished product unless the client sends me images of the room after they finish or they call me back to help them with another room in their home.  Over the holidays, I was delighted to find this image in my inbox of my client's complete family room!  

As you can see, my clients chose design layout number one for the furnishings (it was my favorite of the three) and selected pillow option number three for her accent pillows.  Also, she took the design plan and made it her own by finding the beautiful botanical prints and having those framed for the wall you see when you walk into the space.  This is one of the things I love the most about my job.  I feel like part of my job is to give my client confidence in their design decisions by empowering them with a plan.  A plan is a great jumping off point to make the space their own.  Just love how it all turned out!  

So, cheers to a new year of making a space your own!  All it takes is a plan and you are on your way. Happy 2015. M.


  1. Great plans and wonderful results!! I am sure your clients are thrilled!

  2. I love your design plans! The outcome is beautiful! Great job!



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