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Turkish Bath Towels

These have been popular outside the U.S. for some time now; but I'm beginning to see more and more of them popping up here.  Are you familiar with these?  They are a very large, thin super absorbent bath sheet made of linen.  

They can be used like a beach towel (or even a blanket) or in the bathroom as a large body towel.  

I'm such a sucker for textiles so these are right up my alley.  After a short search, I've discovered the prices for these cover a huge range.  So, buyer beware!  Here are just a few that are priced right! 
Since Spring is upon us, I'm beginning to think about warmer weather and the beach (thank heavens swimsuit weather is still a few months out for me).  In the meantime,  I can always stock up on some key items for the beach bag!  So where do you line up on these?  Do you love or hate them? M.

On my mind

Saw this image on Pinterest and simply can NOT get it out of my head.  I am totally loving the lighting used in this way.  So good.

You could even do one of these over the mirror (using a smaller mirror instead) and get the same cool look for less.  Hmmm.  My wheels are turning.

PS: Re-entry after a tiny vacay is so much harder than I remembered.  I was only out of the loop for four days!  Is it just me? Would love your thoughts. M.

It's Monday

Since life is feeling a bit like this for me at the moment . . . 

I thought some eye candy was in order - just to get our week started on the right foot!  These are just a few of the images I've saved for some heart stoppin' goodness.   They are random rooms from many different sources; but each one makes me pause and sigh.  

Now get out there and seize your day! M.

Project in Progress - Master Bathroom

One of the projects I have been working on is a total renovation of a home in Mountain Brook.  For those not familiar with Birmingham,  Mountain Brook is a city just outside of Birmingham.  It is a beautiful residential area with lots of great homes and mature landscaping - just lovely.

My clients purchased a home in foreclosure and have been renovating the entire space.  It has been such a fun project to be a part of and the new house is beginning to finally emerge.  Although we are far from the finish line, I thought I would share a small sneak peek of a few rooms.

Master Bathroom
In this shot you can see the other vanity area.  Really pretty layout. 

For the floors, we used large 18" square tiles and had them laid on the diagonal for a dramatic look.  They still need to grout the floors, but aren't they pretty!  

It's hard to see (since I am such a bad photographer), but the large tiles are polished and the small accent tiles are a tumbled finish.  This contrast really adds a lot to the look.
Here's a tip:  the floor tiles are porcelain (not marble)!  But we selected one that has the same look.  We saved quite a bit of money by doing this, which can then be invested in the free standing tub and the marble countertops on the vanity.  You have to know where to save and where to splurge to make this work! 

A few pictures of other rooms.

Master Bedroom
 You can easily see the wall where the bed will go.  The home has lots of light. 

Family Room
This rooms opens on to a back terrace.  Very elegant.

Breakfast Room
This is the breakfast room which opens to the kitchen and out onto the terrace to the right.  It has such a beautiful view of the back yard.  The ceiling is a high cupola with beam work.

I will share the final results when we get there!! It will take a while, but will be totally worth it. M.

Bathroom Vanity Idea

Bathrooms are notorious for having a cold, sterile quality to them.  Here's a great idea for making a rather uninteresting bathroom feel high end.  

A simple skirt for the vanity area in a large scale print coupled with an upholstered chair (you would traditionally see in a dining room) in a neutral color, yet fun print.  Notice the double welting on the chair in the contrasting fabric of the skirt.  Love this look. 

Such a simple idea, but it adds tons of impact.  The other great thing about this idea is that you can make it work with almost any style, depending on the fabrics you select. 

Happy Monday! M.