Design Series Tuesday - Canopy Beds {part 4}

Well, this is our last installment of the canopy bed series.  I don't know about you, but it has certainly helped get me through January.  I have just started noticing the days are getting a little longer and it's not totally dark at 5:00. So, we are well on our way to Spring [Woo Hoo]. 

As for canopy beds, I have saved the best for last.  These are my favorite of all the canopy beds we have discussed.  I am calling this category . . .

Floating Fabric Canopy Beds 

These are examples of clever uses of fabric to accent the bed in unique ways.  I hope these are inspiring and allow you to come up with other ideas for your own bed.

Most of the floating fabric canopies require two drapery rods for installation - very simple.  But as you can see from the picture below, the fabrics you choose can add so much style.  Look at all the details on these - the fabrics, trim and tape.  Quite stunning (even in purple)!

This is a similar look, yet it is pulled out to the end of the bed.  Also, notice the sloping roof line.  This type of canopy is a wonderful solution for a sloping or even low ceiling.

This canopy reminds me of Greece.  The rest of the furnishings are quite rustic and almost country cottage, but the canopy itself is Santorini all the way!  

This one requires a bit less fabric since they did not carry it down behind the headboard. 

Another sloped roof.  I love the contrast of the unfinished ceiling and the white lace.  Reminds me of a room Jane Austen would write about.

I think this is a clever way to designate this very small area as the bedroom.  The striking graphics of the fabric really define the space.

Other Canopy Bed Ideas

This group is all the leftover photographs I pulled for this series.  Most of these are bed crowns or other types of pelmets to accent the bed.  Your imagination is the only limit with draping fabric above your bed.  Cute dog!

I am sure this is a staged vignette, but it feels like they have crammed way too much furniture into this small space. 

If you can't be a Queen, at least you can sleep like one.  [Not for me folks].

I actually like this one.  I think it's the green (which is my favorite color) and the fact that it looks like velvet.  All that texture makes me like it. 

As I continue to mention, I'm not crazy about the purple, but I do like the dark wood and how it contrasts with the light ceiling.

Would love your thoughts on this one!
Here's a close up of a bed crown.
My favorite part about this one is the shape of the headboard (so sweet in a little girl's room) - the rest is just too busy for my taste.  A

This is a simple version of the bed crown.  As an aside, I think it would be great to have a room large enough for a pair of full or even queen sized beds!

This one is really more of a sheer netting used in tropical places rather than a canopy, but I included it anyway. 

Lastly, another alternative to consider when you have a sloping roof line.  

Well, there you have it.  I have officially reached my saturation point with canopy beds.  Maybe if I did this with other things, I would actually save a little a money! 

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  1. Very cool. I've been obsessed recently with a four poster bed I saw in India Hicks' book Island Life, but this has perhaps supplanted the old one for me!

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