Brass is Back!

I know what you're thinking, "I just managed to get rid of all my brass bathroom fixtures, cabinet hardware and door knobs and now it's back?!"  Oh yeah.  Brass is back, but with a bit of a twist.  The current look has an antiqued finish which means no polishing!  The un-lacquered version of brass will patina into the antiqued finish that is currently the hot look.  Also, it doesn't take a ton of brass to get this look.  Small accents are really all you need.

Here's what I mean.  

So, now your thinking, "Where do I get this kind of brass and how do I incorporate it into my space in an affordable way?"  Here are a few ideas.

Dig, Beg, Borrow

First, go to your attic, your parent's attic, or even a willing friend's attic (who doesn't know that brass is back and thinks you're crazy) and find some brass somethings.  If the brass you find has a lacquered finish (meaning it is very shiny), take off the lacquer.  Here's a step by step guide to help you do this.  Then let the pieces patina into the antique brass.

Garage & Yard Sale Outings

Right now, you can still find brass at almost every yard sale or Goodwill location.  But, once it catches on, you will not be able to find an affordable brass anything!  So, grab a friend and go to a few sales early Saturday morning.

Shop On Line

If you're too busy to dig or hunt, then just go on line.  Obviously, Ebay, Craig's List and even Etsy are options for finding antiqued brass.  But if you still need some inspiration, here are a few affordable accessories that I found for you!  These can easily be grouped on a side table or placed on a coffee table for major impact.  Enjoy!  


  1. I is going to be expensive soon and hard to find!!!

  2. I adore it! I have a 10 lb brass pendant hanging in my front hall.

    Not sure that I can ever embrace those awful Stiffel lamps though.

  3. I love brass and I love the fact that the entire world hasn't caught on yet so we can scoop it up first!

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